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Meeting Minutes of 10-27-2009



  • 322 E. 4th St.
  • Royal Oak, MI


  • Attendees: See the sign in sheet
    • ~10 members
    • ~4 visitors



  • went around the room, explained i3 for new people
  • Someone mentioned Techtown
  • visitor: "I had been looking for something like this for a long time"
  • how much for membership?
    • $100
    • three open slots for $50
    • not breaking even yet
    • still have some costs, 501c3 costs $700 to file
  • how do you become a member?
    • visit the space
    • new members are voted in

Standing rules

  • same as last week, been busy
  • "it is reasonable that next tuesday there will be something to vote on"
  • parking: where do we park by the way?
    • side streets
    • metered parking
    • free lot 2 blocks to the east
    • 328 east.. little shack, the people across the street own it.. check it out.. 4 on the alley, 10 more on the 3rd street side

Punch list

  • get things done.. sign them off on the whiteboard
  • if you're bored.. go to the list

Door alerts

  • we need a feed or something to tell people someone is in building
  • that way people will know when to stop by, without emailing Russ and asking him
  • other groups have set up e.g. a twitter bot
  • the security system has outputs for this, we would just need to figure it out


  • Nick wanted to put together a calendar for classes
  • hand it out on Wed/Thurs
  • hang it up in the window
  • he compiled the list of classes
  • November is a booked month!
    • papercraft card making
    • Tuesday meetings
    • Intro to Web Design, Web Wednesdays
    • Organization I
    • Open shop
    • iPhone app development
    • Mercurial
  • give Nick an Eventbrite account
  • start coming up with ideas for December

Special announcement: Maker Faire 2010

  • Dale from makemagazine is coming to i3
  • we will be hosting a brainstorm session for Maker Faire 2010 at Greenfield Village
    • saturday 11/7 meeting at i3 Detroit
    • open meeting, 11am to 1pm
  • there is also a meeting friday 11/6 at greenfield village
  • they want us to be a part, they know we have a group of people now
  • folks from AA mini maker faire will be in

November 21st - Detroit Urban Craft Fair

  • at the Majestic
  • all day event, on a Saturday
  • i3 was asked to be a part of it
  • stage area donated for i3 Detroit, do whatever we want, do something cool
  • we are actually a sponsor
    • they have a clothing changing room, changing booth, but it was always half-finished
    • they want a cool, well put together changing room
  • need to brainstorm, multiple things
  • going to need to build it
  • going to need people to volunteer at the event
  • there will be a tweetup the night before on the 20th, at the Majestic
  • Monday the 9th - cross stitching video game characters :)

Note on teaching classes

  • we have a donation jar
  • let classtakers know we operate on donations / memberships
  • "donate whatever you can, $1, $5"
  • also, if you host a class or group, please stay the entire time the attendees/guests are here, or ask another member to take over

Bylaw change

  • from Nate:
    • 1 member 1 guest policy..
    • Nate wants to relax that policy.. unless it becomes a problem
    • proposed change: remove 1 member 1 guest policy.. move the guideline into the standing rules
  • the rule has also been broken for classes (1 member.. classroom full of people)
  • we need more of a system for classes

Co-working idea

  • some members and potential members want to use the space for actual work, running a business during work hours out of the space
  • M-F the space is mostly dead during work hours
  • what happens when someone wants to use the band saw while someone is on the phone for work?
    • that's the nature of the space.. it's an open shop.. someone can use a noisy tool
  • agreed: no problem with having members co-work in the space

Ignite Detroit

  • meeting last week: Russ, Nick, Brandon Chestnut (bought domains), Sara (started a facebook group)
  • Nick wanted to pull everyone together
  • middle of January is the proposed date
  • what is Ignite?
    • 20 speakers
    • 5 minutes, 20 slides, slides are on a fixed timer
    • open to any topic
    • quite popular
    • 400 people at Ignite Lansing #2
    • 300 people at Ignite AA
  • where will it be held?
    • Mark Ridley's?
    • general feeling is to do it downtown
    • and the space should be free..


  • next week is the first meeting of the month.. bring dues

FIRST robotics update

  • Oak Park team is pretty much defunct
  • two options:
    • Ferndale team
    • brand new team for Clawson High School
      • would be eligible for a grant
  • Ted will follow up on those
  • also, Evil Dead the musical.. talk to Ted.. two free tickets Halloween weekend


  • member space.. back room needs to cleaned up
  • idea for promotion - why didn't we have a table at the Ham Swap?
    • let's get a table at the L'Anse Creuse Ham Swap.. which is much bigger
  • mailing list for non-members?
    • will go along with a full redesign of the site
    • we need a meeting to work on the redesign
  • Wordpress meetup last night - seems like it went well
  • shirt of shame
    • a horrible donated shirt from snorgtees.. it's not even funny
    • you are given the shirt if you break bylaws

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