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Meeting Date: 12-15-2009

Current Members in Good Standing:

Joe Bender - absent, Nate Bezanson - present, Nick Britsky - present, Trevor Cook - present, Phil Frost - absent, Ted Hansen - present, Daniel Hedlund - present, Steve Kryskalla - absent, Brad McMahon - present, Ed Platt - present, Matt Switlik - present, Justin Thompson - absent, Nathan Warnick - present, Amy Wilson - absent, Jaime Wolfe - present, Russ Wolfe - present, Ben Graham - absent


Russ explains the previous meeting issues.

Questions about new meeting rules and explanation.

Space Legal News - Friday at 2pm inspector will be through the space. We need someone there. We need to hire an architect to make proper plans for space.

Voting via proxy - Members will get a group together to discuss and figure something out.

Ted - 1st robotics – both teams got grants. They will be in the space this Saturday 10a-1pm.

Nick – classes been going well. More on the way.

Ed – projected taxes on our bank approximately $500. Spend some savings on something before the end of the year or get taxes more? 501C3 time? Personal property tax on stuff in the space?

Russ – winter supply purchases. Snow removal service via ken $300 for winter. Will have proposal for next meeting.

Nate B – family dues. Proposal has been on the google group for required amount of time. Wants to call a vote.

Russ – can we do it?

Ed – yes we can.

Nate: (lists and explains options)

Option 1, Extra Key: $10 for the key like usual, make it officially permissible to entrust it to a "family member" only for purposes of picking stuff up or dropping stuff off. This person could not use tools, have guests, etc. Would this person have to be voted on by the membership? Also make it permissible for a member to temporarily entrust their *first* key to someone else, given the same limits above?

Option 2: Family and Friends: Any member can buy an additional "usership" for $25/mo, and give it to anyone they choose. Recipient would have to be voted in like any regular member, would be able to use tools and have guests, but not vote.

Option 3: both option 1 and 2

Option 4: Do Nothing.

Round Table - nick likes 3, matt likes 3, ted likes 3, nate w likes 3, dan posibly wanted a previous member clause, trevor - only 1 extra key or No limit for option 1? Answer: limit to be ammended, currently no limit.

Ed- (takes chair)

Russ - 2 flaws, no single members discount. No multiple keys, only 1 extra.

Ted - will we revise this ammendment?

Matt – no. writing and editing of proposals should take place outside of meetings. Post them 48 hours in advance. Vote on them at the next meetings.

Nick - called for vote

Matt - seconds


[Name] - [Option # voted for]

Nate Bezanson - 3

Nick Britsky - 2

Trevor Cook - 3

Ted Hansen - 3

Daniel Hedlund - 3

Brad McMahon - 3

Ed Platt - 3

Matt Switlik - 3

Nathan Warnick - 3

Jaime Wolfe - 3

Russ Wolfe - 2

Vote concludes: Option 3 wins.

Nate B, Russ – will schedule a time to flush out a single member discount proposal.

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