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19-- i3Det2010-01-19 Member Attendance:

  1. Russ
  2. Ben
  3. Matt
  4. Ted
  5. Joe
  6. Nate W
  7. Nate B
  8. Trevor
  9. Amy
 10. Ed Platt
 11. Brad

Premeeting Open discussion of Electronic Ballot / Voting

Russ News: Extinguisher: paul mentions deal on used ones, nate will get them purchased. approx <$100 Architect: $200 estimate to be done. Ignite Detroit thurs. feb. 25th 6.30 doors 8.00 talks.

   -submission to talk.  looking for sponsors. GM is currently Sponsoring $1000.

Maker Faire Community Planning Meeting this Sunday

   -Hackerspace tent.

Scott Kennedy from penguicon. wants to meet. maybe saturday.

Handmade Detroit: wants to meet. more co-attended events.

TechNow: big event. in Royal Oak at music theatre. they want i3Detroit.

Powerwheels on Ford test track??? Make people say maybe.

Agua Hackerspace Network is now live.

6 month clock before we are broke.

Girl Scout: Father Daughter craft day. Meeting Next sometime next week.

Another Hackerspace in Detroit: Location TBA, more on thurdays. 1/4 mill grant. (Do It Detroit)

Pledges: $per month. Pledge Drive????

Electronic Voting Proposal:

   -no call for vote.  
   -swit should draft voting ballot open period extension to 72 hours after meeting.

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