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Special Meeting


Russ, Phil, Brad, Joe, Nate1, Ted, Daniel, Nate2, Trevor, Ed, Amy, Jamie, Nick


Russ: Received a letter from the city. We're in violation of the building code. Architectural drawings are due Feb 9th or face $750 ticket.

Ballpark estimate from architect suggests that getting up to code has a lower bound in the neighborhood of $10k.

The front space has been/is being leased to a new tenant.

Russ poses question: If we move within the city of R.O., will we be under special scrutiny from the city?

Ted: Question: Can we get 30day extension? Russ: Whether we plan to stay or move, the plan is to ask for extension.

Discussion of desired square footage. Phil says current size may be sufficient if used efficiently. Others suggest that current size it limiting growth. too small for machine tools.

Nate: We need to grow membership. Group generally agrees.

Russ: Handmade Detroit group is looking for their own space. Possibly opportunity to share space. Meeting with them on 6th.

Amy: No formal membership drive has been done. Russ: Membership process needs improvement.

Russ polls the group: Are we in favor of moving? Nearly unanimous assent.

Brief consideration of location. General agreement to stay withing S.E. Oakland County. (Sorry Brad, no Wixom)

Ed: Membership policy plan needs to be reworked and in order before hard recruiting effort gets underway.

Nate1: Is anyone absolutely opposed to making an $89 membership? Group: No.

Nate1 volunteers to drive membership structure study group.

Russ and Nick will continue to lead new building search. Everyone may look but please alert Russ and Nick if you find something good.

Brad volunteers to head up the website revamp.

Membership campaign: Who is heading this up? I got distracted by robots. --Ted

--Kc8nod 14:44, 27 January 2010 (UTC)

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