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16-- i3det 2010-02-16

   * psone trip.
         o # of people going needs to be told to psone tonight or tomorrow. let Russ know if you are going.
         o some people are staying overnight.
   * space updates.
         o ken said we wants us to stay. but listed the place on craigs list.
               + mentioned getting us into the front during a renovation
         o trouble finding bigger space at $1500.  a lot of space at $2000
               + i75 and rochester rd.
                     # land lord was willing to pay for any renovations. in writing in the lease
                     # 5000sgft with bigger garage door
                     # 2 big parking lots.
               + 8000sqft ferndale off of wander and wordsworth.
                     # $2000
         o craigslist, loopnet.net for new prospects.
   * detroit hackerspace:
         o meeting last thursday. we were kindly not invited. they said i3 was too closed.
         o this sentiment has been mentioned several times from several sources.
         o are we not marketing ourselves correctly?
   * future vision for i3detroit:
         o easing the membership process?
         o terminology of members vs the public vs supporters
         o a negative vibe in the space turning people off?
         o board to meet and discuss further tomorrow 2/17/10
   * i3detroit brain storming session Feb 24th, public, pizza, and beer.
   * Membership Proposal:
               appended membership process changes:
               vote: passed

We propose the following 4 membership plans:

1. Supporting Member. Name your own price. No key, no vote.

2. Crafter/Coder Member. $39/mo. Key, no vote. Limited use of heavy equipment, on the honor system.

3. Starving Hacker Member. $39/mo. Key, no vote. Intended for students and those with financial need. Number of members on this plan may be capped.

4. Full Member. $89/mo. Key, vote. Members may continue paying $100 to help support the space, if they would like.

Placement of membership forms will be in the space. On the front of the form shall be the regular membership form currently used. On the back shall be an orientation checklist. Upon completion of both sides, plus payment of first dues, the applicant becomes a Prospective Member.

Any member may review the orientation checklist with an applicant. When the member is thoroughly satisfied with the applicant's understanding of all the items thereon, and the applicant's appreciation for the group's goals and general practices, the member may choose to sign the bottom of the checklist. Signatures from two members are required for the checklist to be considered completed.

Transition from Prospective Member to Full Member status occurs upon document review and issuance of a key by the Secretary or an appointed delegate.

vote: Voting Members in good standing present. Y Bender, Joseph Y Bezanson, Nate Y Britsky,Nick Y Graham, Ben Y Hansen, Ted Y Platt, Ed Y Switlik, Matt Y Wolfe, Jaime Y Wolfe, Russ

Voting Members in good standing not present. Frost, Phil McMahon, Brad Warnick, Nate Williams, Rashad Wilson, Amy

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