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16-- i3detroit 2010-03-16

   * new member intros
   * approx 30 members.  how to display who the members are so we can learn who each other is.
         o april 1st deadline.
         o first inspection failed with minor issues
               + big electrical issue is being addressed
               + furnaces 1 out of 5 shop area heaters don't work
                     # trying to get landlord to replace a few broken ones.
               + water is on. few leaks are being addressed.
               + exit signs are enroute.
               + mold issue has been sampled and is going out to lab tomorrow.
                     # building need airing out
                     # mold will need to be removed carefully
                     # samples for mold and asbestus (Nate)
               + if no clean CofO by april 1st we can get all our money back.
         o moving party all day saturday.
         o Detroit hub articles, metro mode articles.
         o kickstarter is on track.
               + another video
   * membership numbers are at a point where we are covering the new rent.  still need a few more for utilities.

   * More new space build out tomorrow (Weds.)
   * Taxes:  owed gov't $394
   * If signing up a new member remember to get the $5 key dep.
   * move from paypal to amazon is complete.
   * hack5 guy may stop by to film in the future.
   * future midwest, notacon, penguicon all coming up.
   * TVBGONE guy will be at notacon and penguicon
   * keep an eye out for powerwheels cheap.
   * duct tape red green event idea.

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