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06-- i3Det 2010-04-06


  • 10 possible new members came through the space over the weekend.
  • we got the kick starter goal.
  • Approx $7000 in bank account.
  • We have enough members to cover rent. Almost enough to cover utilities by estimate (haven't gotten 1st bills yet.)
  • want to keep 3-4000 in bank.
  • Mold room was gutted completely. Landlord paid for material removal. Consensus on spending $600 of group money on drywall for the front.
  • Internet coming tomorrow. DSL for now. Talking to WOW they want a 3 year contract but will pay the install now.
  • Ted:Discussing a dedicated 1st robotics area. A proposal is coming.
  • The landord agreed to new furnices.
  • Mold wall washing, resampling, rebuilding drywall, this weekend
  • One year BBQ!!! sunday april 25th. 1pm.
  • Offical maker faire after party at i3Detoit, details coming.
  • MAKE needs submissions for faire. Only 25 so far. Reach out to different groups. We need to help spread the word. We need a nice brochure.
  • Kickstarter: 6 month scholarship, 12 month scholarship available. Ryan mentioned for 12 month. Assigning task to make the various thank you gifts.

Other Discussion: Bowling fundraiser for City Heroes. 3 game shoes and pizza for $20 saturday at Universal Lanes 12 and Dequindre.

Security system is being resurected.

A call out for any spare additional lighting for the space.

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