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01-- i3detroit 2010-06-01

  • Mini maker fair in Ann Arbor June 5th
    • sign up for morning or afternoon shift
    • skeeball and shooting range are going
    • trailer will be here Friday evening to haul big stuff.
  • Ed's rainy day proposal
    • presenting of proposal
WHEREAS i3 Detroit could experience unexpected expenses and/or decline in membership,
and WHEREAS it is desirable to be able to continue normal operations despite such events,

we RESOLVE the following:

1. The Treasurer shall open an ING Business Savings account to serve as a "rainy day fund" (the Fund).

2. The initial deposit to the Fund shall be $3000 taken from the OUR Credit Union checking account.

3. The Treasurer may open additional savings accounts in the name of i3 Detroit and may distribute the Fund between these accounts in any manner.

4. At the end of each fiscal year, all or some of the interest earned on the account may be moved into the general operating fund by a simple majority vote of the Directors.

5. Money may be added to the Fund by a simple majority vote of the Directors.

6. Money may be moved from the Fund into the general operating fund by a 2/3 majority vote of the Directors.
    • 10 members voted unanimously in favour of the proposal.
  • Phil's proposal for vote and membership fees.
    • updating by laws to reflect current dues
    • vote failed Nate for, all else against
    • more comprehensive By Law revision to be presented next meeting

  • Detroit maker faire July 31 - Aug 1st
    • currently 75 submissions. still need 200 total
    • goal of signing up 50 members
  • if you use it put it back
  • we have a vacuum use it
  • show people were tools are instead of just grabbing it for them
  • Penguicon reg table at a Halloween party.
    • Joe will be the i3 liaison.
  • Guest: Scott. heard about us though steam con.

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