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15-- i3detroit 2010-06-15


   * bill putt - new member -  open soda - "blastbill"


   * May - 29 dues paying members.  made $36.08 in may.

Maker Faire

   * 168 excepted so far, deadline moved back to June 30th
   * i3detroit will be running a maker workshop.
         o working on getting tool companies in our area, eplilog, toolbot, etc.
         o promo for maker faire new member sign ups?
   * more info coming Friday.

Power wheels update

   * talk to ted after meeting
   * diehard has signed on as a sponsor   

party planning

   * maker faire after party July 31st.

2nd Tuesday is now official board meeting day

   * pay dues online
   * ed's working on a secure dropbox

Ed's Bylaws Proposal

   * we are voting next meeting
   * "member" has a very specific in nonprofits.  "members in bylaws are only voting members".  In general discussion and documents other than bylaws all dues payers are members


   * cost or free classes are both possible.
   * always at least ask for donations.
   * see hosting a class section on the wiki (coming soon by nate)


   * any one know someone who can get us a deal?
   * typically costs $300 a month.
   * members grab a bag on you trash night eve.

twitterbot ghosts.

   * pause for your photo or put something  humorus in the photo

Ken's Furniture

   * 8ft folding tables and stackabe chairs
   * needs help moving it this saturday afternoon


   * Ted reads off the list, and will update the wiki with current info

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