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Meeting Minutes of July 20th, 2010


1481 Wordworth St. Ferndale, MI

Members Present

Bedard, Robert Bender, Joseph Britsky, Nick Busch, Ryan Cook, Trevor Frost, Phil Lallone, Cherish McMahon, Brad Merrill, Eric Platt, Edward L Roy, Richard Timmins, Becky Timmins, Paul Warnick, Nathan


Maker Faire

  • Week and a half away
  • Transport for all the big items
    • possibly rent a truck to haul all the big items for Friday and Sunday
    • able to start set up on exhibits on Thursday and Friday
    • Ted will follow-up on maililng list for anyone interested in renting a truck
  • Tickets
    • 2 complimentary weekend tickets to anyone with an exhibit, and two wristbands
    • Free tickets for i3 booth, not sure how many, based on how many people want to volunteer
      • If you need tickets, talk to Nick
  • Everything can be left at Maker Faire, there is security working overnight


  • So far, no plans or money for the party, just a date and time
  • Possible sponsorship, very slim possibility, per Nick
  • Allocate i3 money to pay for food and drinks, and ask for donations from people attending
    • Vote on how much money to spend, $500
    • Ryan volunteered to coordinate purchasing the food and drinks
  • Invite people to come to the party while at Maker Faire
    • 100 to 200 people expected
  • Begins at 9, July 31st
  • Someone to create flyers/invitations?


  • We have lost and found shelves on the outside of the graveyard
  • We are having a big clean-up party Saturday 7/24
  • Call Silicon Alley to come and pick some stuff up
    • Encourage everyone to come and label belongings that they would like to keep
    • Take pictures of all the things and ask people to claim them
  • Money allocated to purchasing materials for storage, such as shelving
    • Phil is creating a proposal for a dollar amount to allocate
    • People are needed to help build the shelves


  • In June we had 35 ½ dues paying members, 45 total members
  • $228 net profit
  • We are now fully insured

Meeting Start Time

  • Start the meeting at the scheduled time, whether or not everyone is here
  • Alternate between meeting and social gathering each week?
  • Official time for meeting is 7:30, social gathering (pre-meeting?) from 7-7:30


see the punchilst on the wiki

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