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17-- Parking

   * painting yellow lines - Russ will talk to landlord


   * all positions are open
   * 3rd Tues in Sept is proposed date
   * proposal for vote is going out this week via google groups.
   * explanation of positions to the groups newer members
   * all members voting and nonvoting can run for the board.
   * only core members vote or it’s a “special election” were all members vote (requires a bylaw change).
   * deadline to run for a position is Sept 3rd.
   * call for candidates will be posted on the groups.  List will be published on the groups Sept 3rd.


   * July dues $2223.50
   * July regular expenses $1843.26
   * $496 in Maker Faire expenses
   * July we were down $72 total.  
   * $280 in July dues outstanding.
   * July 36.5 dues paying members.  
   * current (8/17/10) member count approximately 48

Punch list

   * cleaning party, reclaim the Graveyard. this 5th Tues of this month!

Intros on Guests and Members

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