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19-- i3 Member bi-monthly member meeting
Meeting: Oct 19th 2010
Where: i3Detroit (commons area)

Dennay, (director at large)
Eric, (VP)
Joe, (director at large)
Nate B,
Ed,(director at large)
Paul, (treasurer)
Ross, (president)
Brad (secretary)

New members: John, Markel

Nothing was voted on.

Official Agenda:

 Board meeting overview - Brad (secretary) & Ross (president)
 Board Update
 Treasure Report - Paul Kerchen (treasure) 
  	$600 surplus, heat and electric might zero that out.
 2010 Budget - Paul Kerchen (treasure)
 Update on the Electric and Heating for the space - Ross (president)

-$0 money owed up to now. - $200 ~ $300 for electric costs, total guess - The landlord will pay for half of a electric meter to installed if we so choose it - Getting heating quotes for the space and will present to the landlord - Front space heating needs to be on the test.


- Might get donated fire service.

 Working Groups:

@Web Website Hosting Migration - Ross (president) & Ed(Director at Large) We have a new hosting service, migration will be around Monday next week. Backup your emails if you have them Ross - needs to check the database for the emails collected from the frontpage mailing list @501c3 first meeting Friday @ 7pm looking at existing 501c3 setups that work for us

@Beautification Craft room organized Halloween decorations

@PR Nick is heading up, contact him for more information

 PenguiCon/ Halloween Party - Karen  

Looks like its all on us to host it

 Project Bays - Ross (president)

- for use for large projects - hit the list for the discussion

 Electronic components - Nate

- components are arriving - things are getting organized

 Bike Shop - TJ and Dustin

-All tools are present Talk to TJ or Dustin for more info

 Punch-list update - Nate

New Business:

Ted - Don't store food here long term, and label your food Dustin - The UPS above the door needs replacing

Adjourn 8:10pm

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