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20-- i3 Detroit, September 20, 2011 Meeting

7:45pm Start, Meeting held at i3 Headquarters in the Commons

Meeting Summary

CNC Machine Update - Bridgeport successfully cut this afternoon and the results will be blogged.

TedX Detroit - On Sept. 28, i3 will have a booth at this event from 8am to 6pm. Contact Ed. Platt for more details.

Pinewood Derby (Matt O.) - AIGA Detroit is sponsoring a pinewood derby. They want our space to host one or more workshops where entrants can come in, work on their ‘cars’, and receive help from our members. If this went forward, we would get ½ of money for each kit sold ($3.50 of $7.00 total) and significant exposure. However, there are liability concerns, we need to know if this is an adults-only event or if there are minor children expected. Matt O. is coordinating with the organization to choose one or more days October 18,19,24,25. He will get more details, decide which of the available days will work, and report back.
Strategy ‘Stragedy’ Session (Roger Slykhouse) - The Board’s Annual Strategy has been posted to the Wiki at “http://i3detroit.com/wi/index.php?title=Annual_Strategy”. Discuss the points raised on the list. A strategic review will be held 3 months from now.

Open Shop Friday - Members should feel free to arrive on Friday evenings to work on the informal “punch list” of things that need to be done.

Recognizing Members Contributions - How far should the we go to recognize members who contribute their time and energy doing chores. Should we simply give praise at each meeting or have a scoreboard listing which members did what. This issue may be discussed at next meeting.
New Board - The new Board is diligently planning and devising ways to make i3 even better.

Machine Shop Classes (Steve Herman) - Will be hosting a member’s only class on how to use the machine shop. It will be held on October 4, 2011 after the evening’s board meeting. He plans to have further classes on the first Tuesday of each of the following months.

i3 Wiki - All members need to be familiar with our wiki, a.k.a. ‘our collective brain’, make sure that their spam filter doesn't block updates, are highly suggested to make their own page. The wiki contains pages for each of the major tools, how to host events, etc. Templates have been created to create your own equipment pages. It’s also a great place to document your work so that other members can learn how each project was created. Ask Joe Bender for instructions on how to use it. Administrators can modify all pages. Matt O. will be updating wiki bi-weekly, etc. Ted H. is working on creating merit badges, physical and virtual, that people can add to their page after learning a new skill.

Blog Posting (Ted. H.) - He will continue to blog about items of interest that have occurred ‘Recently at i3 Detroit’.

Jointer (Dave Scholl, for himself and behalf of Dave Alvarez) - Reported on their progress in acquiring a new jointer for i3. They just went to Toledo and put money down to purchase a new one. Donations have covered the purchase price, now they need help transporting it back the shop. It needs 2 people to lift and a large vehicle such as a pickup truck or trailer to transport it back to Detroit. They are willing to reimburse anyone that wants to help for the cost of transportation. The new jointer will replace the old one.

Automation System (Ted. H.) - Has setup the light by the door to flicker whenever i3 is mentioned in a twitter feed. Also the status of second front door will now send an email to alert the membership if it has been left open at 1-hour and 2-hour intervals.

Detroit “Decomp” (Mario) - Detroit’s ‘Burner” community is having their after party in Yale. On Tuesday nights they plan to use a small area of our space in the ‘parking area’ to create effigies and other pieces needed for their party.
New Metal Bandsaw/Radio (Joe Bender) - Steve H. will be putting in the new bandsaw and removing the old one.

Halloween Party (Karen C, Ted H.) - i3 is planning to have a party with the date to be determined, either the weekend of Oct 29-31, or Nov. 4-6

Adj. ~8:44pm

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