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06-- i3 Detroit, Regular Meeting, December 6, 2011

Chair: Eric Merrill

Start, 7:30pm


PotLock Wrapup

Eric Merrill - The event went well, we still need to get rid of items in the graveyard. Nate B. Is going to post stuff online for graveyard so members can be notified and claim items before they are disposed.

Collaboration with Danielle 'Doxie' Kaltz / Michigan Burners

Matt O.– Doxie has proposed a collaboration between Michigan Burners and i3 Detroit. This will be a co-class/workshop event with both burners and i3 members each teach each other something on the same day to have some cross-over. She’ll be here to present in two weeks.

Intro to Programming Class

Matt O.- Teaching an intro to programming course on Friday and Saturday afternoons in January and is looking for python experts.

Cheryl’s Book Release Party

Matt O. - Cheryl has published a coffee table book of Detroit circus performers and wants to do a book release party at i3 Detroit. This party is planned for early Saturday, January 7, 2012. She is estimating a total of attendance of 300 people with 30-40 people present at any given time.

Cameras Proposal

A vote will wait until the membership has more time to review the proposal.

Holiday Craftapalooza

Ashley Prescott – We could have a craft event at i3 in which people buy tickets to be able to make things at different booths. The crafts simple things to make and would be ideal for holiday gifts. Contact Ashley Prescott if interested in hosting stations or otherwise volunteering.


Nate b. - 2nd Thursday of every month, The next meeting will cover the inner guts of the Chronotune. Newcomers and novices are more than welcome! 7:00pm next Thursday.


Eric Merrill - Ed Platt has stepped down as treasurer and Paul Kerchen has taken his place until another candidate has been elected. A special election will take place to replace him. Candidates are encouraged to send their applications to Board@i3detroit.com to apply for position on the ballet.

New Member Intros

New Business

Tech Shop

Karen C.– Tech Shop is having a grand opening on December 27, 2011. However, there is a special opening available to hackerspace members only on Saturday, December 17, 2011 from 10am to 4pm and a special exclusive deal with be offered for membership. The address is 800 Republic Allen Park, Michigan.

Adjourn, 8:01pm.

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