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20-- i3 Detroit: Regular Meeting, December 20, 2011

Start, 7:31pm, Held in the Commons


Collaboration with Burners

Doxie Kaltz, Michigan Regional rep. from Michigan - Had a 2-day flame effects workshop. Wants to continue to do workshops sometime after the new year, hopefully a joint i3 Detroit/Burner community collaboration that pairs artistic and technical skills, a 2- to 4-hour event, to split the costs. Some possibilities include Silk Screening, Stenciling (By Hand or perhaps with the laser cutter, and a leather mask making workshop. She can be reached at dkaltz@gmail.com or on Facebook at Doxie of Detroit.

AIGA Pinewood

Matt O. – AIGA took a look at our shop, they want to use it for their Pinewood Derby. They want prizes, we can offer them T-shirts and/or a couple of free classes.

Cheryl Book Release Party

Nate B. - The party is on January, January 7th . All the people that have pre-ordered will come here to pick up the books. We need to create a central area. Going to have aerial acts that will put on a show during the party. http://www.facebook.com/doxiedetroit

Victorian Steampunk Ball

Kristine D. - Is having a party on January 28, 2012, it’s going to be Victorian steam punk theme at District VII.

New people Intros

New Business

Adjourn, 8:08pm

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