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07-- i3 Detroit, February 7, 2012 - Regular Meeting

7:31pm, Start, held in the i3 Detroit Commons

Eric Merrill, Chair


Nick Anderson

Brian Betts

Nate Bezanson

Hans Chen

Karen Corbeil

Ian Dodds

Jim Fortune

Waled Elsady

Dave Scholl

Ted Hansen

Matt Huber

Paul Kerchen

Jim Kemp

Mark Lenigan

Rocco Marras

Eric Merrill

Steve Nowdcki

Matt Oehrlein

Dante Palmierni

Ashley Prescott

Roger Slykhouse

Nate Warnick




Cable of Death

Eric Merrill – A very dangerous power cord with exposed wiring at the opposite end was left plugged on a table in the commons. Please be more careful.

Board Meeting & Valentine’s Day

Due to Valentine’s Day falling on the same day as the next regularly scheduled board meeting on Tuesday; next week’s board meeting is rescheduled to the following day, Wednesday.

Geek Group / Leonard Street Labs

Roger Slykhouse - This 501(c)(3) hacker group offers chapter affliation to obtain non-profit status. Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, this group has a large space.

AIGA Design

Matt Oehrlein - Matt and Paul Kerchen went to the meeting. They are looking to do more hands-on stuff. They want to have collaborative project/class with us.

Treasurer Handoff

Paul Kerchen – Kristine Diven is our new treasurer. A formal vote will have to conducted at our next board meeting.

TechShop Buildoff

Karen Corbeil – Grand Opening is March 24, 2012. There will be a build-off contest held, more details to follow.

Big Blue Saw

Rocco Marras – This inkspace plug-in that allows files to be converted to DXF.

New Business


Roger Slykhouse – Please take out the trash when it's full

PC Board Milling Machine

Roger Slykhouse - Do not use it unless you talk to Roger first.


Ted Hansen - It’s time to work on it again, another Powerwheels race will be held this summer at Maker Faire. Adjourned, 9:00pm.

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