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21-- i3 Detroit, February 21, 2012 - Regular Meeting

7:32pm, Start, held in the i3 Detroit Commons

Dustin White running the show

chem lab proposal
	been crappy for years, attempts to clean it up have never gone well
	proposal to get rid of the chem stuff entirely
	and put the makerbot/reprap and PCB mill in there
	rocco suggests making it the meat smoking room
	question from james, what did he do
	question from ryan, was it specific things or the way he did things
	matt o blathers for a while
	rocco: we went to great lengths to figure out workable solution
	dustin explained the very-next-day problem
	kristine: what happens if he shows up?
	dustin: don't let him in, etc
	nickolas: wtf is a potlock?
	dustin explains
	timeframe? how about end of march (earlier than notacon and penguicon)
	karen: and bring food!
member storage
	nate warnick: presents the awesome giant shelving
parking tickets
	nate bezanson: it's in the standing rules, clutter will be ticketed and moved out
new member intro
	axel: did the lathe class and stuff, just learned vinyl, love learning skills
new business
	member storage: nate bezanson: label every shelf with a solid date, ideas?
	dustin: clarifies, a lot of that stuff is from members who have quit
	rocco: folks with primo spots, consider moving up high if you don't use it much
new member intro
	karianne summoned from the other side if the giant space
	working on sculpting, jewelry making, leatherworking, and stuff
kristine asked for a recap of be excellent
	rocco explains in colorful analogies
	james: i'm curious about what everyone's doing
	karen: feel free to bug, just go away if asked
	wally: use a do-not-disturb sign? how do we learn what everyone's good at?
	rocco: I learned that at potlock!
	karen: penguicon is... i3 has been involved for two years now
	roger: and that dance-off with the romans
	karen: we'll be talking about this after the meeting
guest intro:
	dave scholl introduces adam, interested in metalworking, welding, bike shop
roger: how is membership changing:
	nate bezanson: it's only an idea, nothing's changing yet
	dustin: we'll come up with a proposal if it feels like a good idea
	rocco: explains the flat-fee idea, which may become a proposal
meeting adjourned by cowbell 7:57pm

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