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20-- i3 Detroit, Regular Meeting, March 20, 2012

Start, 7:30


Branden Biller

Hans Chen

Steve Hermann

Matt Huber

Mark Lennigan

Roger Slykhouse

Rocco Marras

Steve Nowicki

Matt Switlik


PotLock Vote Results

Motion Passed, Dustin has been given check for PotLock supplies.


It's this Saturday, March 24, 2012, it will start at noon till late.

President Survey Vote Results

Matt O. - [Reviews results from the survey.]

Gizmodo Articles

Matt O. - Gizmodo responded contacted us, and wanted to publish how-to articles on our website. They would pay us a fee to write these. Matt collected questions and sent them to Gizmodo. They said they had a sample article to send us in the next few days. Electronics, robotics, and tech-centric builds. Contact Matt for more details, he will give us more details soon.

AIGA Rebranding Update

Matt O. - Still waiting for a response.

TechShop Grand Opening

Karen C. - It's the first Sat and Sun in May, 2012.

New Members/Guests

New Business

Maker Faire Agenda

It will be July 28-29, We need more organization for i3 Detroit’s presence. Call for makers/Registration has not started yet. They are looking for volunteers. Nick Britsky will be our liaison. Henry ford wants to help to arrange things. There are Flyers to help volunteer. Ann Arbor Maker Faire is a go, it will be July 2.

Craft Room (Potential Redesign)

Ted H. - We could remove east wall of the craft room, it’s not structural nor electric. We can expand into it. We would need Landlord approval, permits, and a proposal.

Show and Tell

Adjourn, 8:22pm

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