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03-- i3 Detroit, Regular Meeting, April 3, 2012

Start 7:31pm, Held in the Commons


Hans Chen

Karen Corbeill

Kristine Diven

Ted Hansen

Paul Kerchen

Paul Oeathos

Ed Platt

Rocco Marras

Steve Nowicki

Matt Oehrlein

Roger Slykhouse

Matt Switlik

Frank Watt

Glen Watt

Dustin White

Chris Wurtsmith

Old Business

Maker Faire Group Project

Karen C. – We need to do a big group project. A giant percussion Machine, that can make actual notes. Make a floor device will planks that hit bellows system. Karen is going to lead this, go to her if you want to join this project.

Maker Faire After Party

Nick Britsky is our pointman liaison for Henry Ford. Henry Ford will compensate us for after party. Detroit GT wants us to do powerwheels stuff and is willing to give us money. We may have a food truck. Dustin White will be the head of the party planning committee.

Rocco M. - The party costs will be around $1,500

ChemLab (Stuff in hallway)

Dustin W. –We are going to put the PCB mill, maker bot, etc. in the chemlab once it clears out.

Ted H. – He will contact Nick to get the tuff out. Everything will be moved to parking spot. Nothing will be left in the hallway.

Camera Proposal

Dustin W. – We’ll call a vote on the list, for conclusion at our next member meeting (for in person vote).

New Classes

Roadside skills 4/21, - Nate B.

Lockpicking 4/20 – Chris (from ann arbor).

Kristine’s Event Reminder

Kristine D. - On April 7, 2012, a Steampunk inspired event at District VII, 8pm to 2am. All i3 members are comped admission, bring keytag and get in for free.

Post Potlock.

Ted H. There’s lots of stuff that has been left over.

Dustin W. – The Pallet rack needs to be built and assembled.

New Members / Guests

New Business

Matt O. – This weekend, at Saturday, first of branding meeting. Will be here.

Troy First Robotics

Ted H. - Both i3-affliated Robots did very well. Steve’s Waterford Team received the Highest Rookie Seed with the Clawson team winning the Judge’s award. The Championship will be next week on Saturday, 12-14 at Eastern Michigan University. One or more teams may be there.


Roger S. - We are running a joint AHA/i3 Detroit table, for soldering. Last weekend of April.

Show and tell

Ted H. - Looking for show and tell in two weeks, bring it along

Adjourn 7:55pm

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