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05-- i3 Detroit : Regular Meeting, June 5, 2012

Start, 7:30pm, held in the commons

Chair: Eric Merrill


Chris Allington

David Alvarez

Jon Anderson

Nick Anderson

Matt Arnold

Hans Chen

Kristine Diven

Amy Feigley-Lee

Chris Lee

Dustin Hoffman

Matt Huber

Rocco Marras

Eric Merrill

Gary Morin

Christ Mounts

Steve Nowicki

Matt Oehrlein

Anand Patil

David Scholl

Matt Switlik

Dustin White

Sue Williamson


Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire Recap

Matt O. – It went well. Karen and Chris both had projects there. It was more kid centric than Maker Faire, slightly smaller. Matt O. helped with learning to solder workshop, staffed primarily by All Hands Active. We need to promote i3 Detroit more, because there were more projects/members than were obvious, we need more of presence. We need a Public Relations ‘Czar’ to help get promotions

Eric M. – He has volunteered to promote i3 Detroit at Maker Faire.

New Laser, setup, and testing

Nate B. – Asks who is taking the leadership for the laser cutter.

Steve f00f, Nick Anderson, Dave Alverez – Have volunteered to work on the

Getting recently joined members up to speed

Nate B. – We need to be better about having new members join the Google groups to have them discuss things. He has called new members to follow up with them so that they know that they’re part of the community.

Lakes of Fire (?)

---Neither reps are here---

Quest for new larger laser

Matt Arnold – Has volunteered to promote the collection of money from the general membership via the google groups for the laser printer.

Membership Survey Results

Results were reviewed in meeting.


Dustin W. – We are moving Britsky's stuff out this Friday.

3rd Membership Tier

Ted. H – Introduced the following motion, passed with 8-0, motion passes.

Creation of Inactive Membership Status

A member may explicitly ask to go inactive, and as a matter of policy, we will let them stay on the mailing list, until someone else decide something else. A member must notify the board, give a date for reactivation, and turn in the key or have it deactivated.

Member Survey

Dustin W.– Presented Survey Results and reviewed

New Business:

i3 West – Landlord will allow us to intially setup with a lock and a video recorder. Lock with Video recording, don’t have to put mangate. Meeting at next mvote.


Ted H. - Chris would like to do an off-season robotics workship, Friday’s noon-6pm, for the months of June, July, and August.

i3 West Camera

Eric M. – Landlord will require camera to monitor premises, but it’s not our premises, it’s on his, so the camera is not covered by our camera policy.

Adjourn – 8:44pm

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