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03-- i3 Detroit, Regular Meeting, July 3, 2012

Start 7:30pm, held in the commons

Chair: Eric Merrill


Jon Anderson

Matt Arnold

Nate Bezanson

Hans Chen

Micho Detronik

Kristine Diven

Gary Morin

Ted Hansen

Steve Hermann

Sam Hess

Paul Kerchen

Rocco Marras

Eric Merrill

Matt Oehrlein

Adrienne Patterson

Ed Platt

Nate Warnick

Dustin White

Maddy Winans

John Zalewski


B. Nektar Meadery

Eric M. – B. Nektar has moved next door, yeah!


Eric M. – We need to decide if we are getting a new firewall by the end of July, per Brad of B. Nektar, because they will be producing food next door. A firewall will allow us to do minor automobile work(e.g. oil changes and other routine maintenance), just can’t use fuel lines, gas tanks, etc. The cost would be around $5,000 via a contractor, we either do it now within next month, or never.

Nate W. – Perhaps it can be done cheaper, around $1,000?

Red Bull Creation

Eric M. – We already qualified already, we have a pass to go to the next round. The contest will be held on the weekend of 18-22 July. 72 hours. Can just come in and help. They are sending webcasting equipment to us. They will be here the last day of the build off, or the following Tuesday to Saturday. We need to clear out an area for it.


Matt A. – The fund now has $4,670 pledged to get a new laser. The goal is $6,000. We need around 1,300 bucks to go. Give Kristine, treasurer, all laser fund monies.

Ted H. - Motion to authorize treasury to spend $1,500 for laser cutter, Rocco M. seconded., 7 out of 7 votes for the motion, motion passes.


Nate B. – Nate would love to teach classes, and help anyone else teach a class. Please see Nate B. if you want help on how to teach a class, he knows what to do and make sure it goes smoothly.

Matt O. – Will be hosting a class, on the 15th, Sunday, to learn how to melt records.

Maker Faire/ Red Bull Cleanup/Crap

Eric M. – Talked to Nick about the chem lab equipment, he still hasn’t gotten it out. We really need to get it out for maker faire and we need to get it out before Red Bull, On Saturday 14th of this month, we must clean it all out.

Matt Super Good News

Matt O. – His employer, EATON Corp., has a charity counsel. They only give them away for chunks of $1,000 for materials or classes. We have been approved for $1,000.

i3 West

Eric M. – We have setup costs about $500, to get it ready. We can go through a tour.

Spider Man

Mario – It opens tonight, so come up with him.


Nate W. - Popsicles are in the freezer for 10 cents each.

Ted H. - And delicious!

New Members/Guests

New Business


Ed P. - CERN will has a new announcement tomorrow about higgs bossin

Robotics team we coach, might be visiting on Friday, team 1188

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