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07-- i3 Detroit, Regular Meeting, August 7, 2012

Start 7:30pm, held in the Commons

Chair Eric Merrill


Jon Anderson

Matt Arnold


Joe Bender

Nate Bezanson

Hans Chen

Karen Corbeill

Anthony Distel

Micho Detronik

Kristine Diven

Ted Hansen

Matt Huber

Margaret Lyell

Eric Merrill

Adrienne Patterson

Dave Smith

Greg Smith

Roger Slykhouse

Jenny Steele

Matt Switlik

Dustin White

Madalyn Winans


I3 West

Eric M. - The vote to approved spending for i3 West has passed, the board of directors has granted authority to sign a lease. The Landlord has written up the lease, it will be signed. The door access situation still needs to be addressed, we are working on developing a system.

i3 Announce

Roger S.- There are 3 main Google groups. i3 Announce, i3 Members, i3 Public. In practice, Announce doesn’t seem to be used in practice. The proposal is to remove Announce. People are ignoring the invitations to the member lists.

Jon A. – The idea was having a distro list that would have all the member’s email addresses and use that instead

Ted H. – I don’t mind getting rid of it, but it’s critical to have it and there’s currently no replacement for it.

Nate B. – The crm email addresses aren’t accurate, Currently, we have confirmation that Google invite has been accepted. We might risk being blacklisted as spam by having our own list.

Joe B. – Spam software has gotten much better than before. We have to be able to reach member somehow. We can write a CRM-based distro list.

Eric M. – i3 Announce is being used.

Green Cruise

Nate B. – It’s this Saturday in Ferndale, It’s bicycle Centric, in Ferndale. We should buzz over there. Nate B. will be there and try to bike.

Tri 3

Eric M. - We need to figure out where it going to go, both physically and metaphorically.

Matt S. I can use the lumber for robot fighting arenas. I can possibly give it a home. Let’s move it to my garage, by September 1st.

Nate B. - Would like to have a game day or two before it gets stored or whatever. Let’s play it next game night.


Karen C. & Dustin W. – Basically, it’s original purpose was to be a video-audio studio, it hasn’t gone to Maker Faire 2012. It hasn’t been made easily portable, it’s not feasible to move around. It’s not soundproofed. It’s been dead for a year, there’s not enough research and passion. Since it hasn’t been worked on, we should contact him, get a plan and time to the way it supposed to be, or else it will go home.

Dustin W. - Think of the best case scenario for it, it can’t be moved anyway. It should be transportable as a criteria.

Ted H. – We shouldn’t push it out on the street immediately. Since deadlines have come and gone, we need a reasonable set timeline, a month, get it wonderful or get it out.

Motion introduced by Ted Hansen, Motion to Move the Trailer, Trailer will be gone unless Members vote to keep it on the first meeting of September (Sept 4, 2012) By 1st meeting in Sept 7, 2012 Second: Dustin W. Core members: 5, All in Favor 4, Abstain 1(Margaret L), Against 0. Motion Passes

Hazel Park Art Fair

Kristine Diven – Hazel Park is having an art fair, The harvest, on Sat. 22, from 10am to 9pm. It’s only $5 to have a booth. If i3 Detroit would like to have a booth, it’s only $5 bucks. Wants permission to go forward with it.

(There’s no opposition)


Eric M. - Elections are two meetings from now, Sept 4, 2012. We will send an email to announce and members list that lists all positions that we need filled.

New Members/Guests

New Business


Joe B. - Are we caught up with our bills?

Eric M. We are caught up with our bills. We have to share our power meter with B. Nektar or have new meters installed. If we share our meters, we can pay our share based on our past history, with B. Nektar making up the difference. We can make also make our own power meter to B. Nektar to see how much power is going out. This is an issue for the next board.


Joe B. – Will ticket stuff big stuff, e.g. Vinyl Cutters & Big Printers, that hasn’t been used at all.

Nate B. – Tools described on the wiki are presumed to be able to used. The hardware should have description of tools, to give notice that it’s supposed to be there.

Dustin W. – Let’s set up things to get rid of things.

Eric M. There’s a lot of thing with not a lot of obvious documentation, we need to figure out stuff that. Two rules to follow: A. Follow the parking permit procedure; B. Don’t be dick, if you have good suspicion who it belongs to, send them an email so they know that it’s going away.

Nate B. – We have a parking ticket system, you can post things on the list that you believe are in violation.

i3 Business

Jon A. - Next week’s agenda should have a discussion about how to get i3 Detroit unified IT assets.

Group Projects

Roger S.– We need a way to get members and non-members to work on group projects.

Joe B. – Post it on the public list and we can get this working.

Karen C. – Why don’t we schedule a “work on it at i3 Detroit’ show that can get together to build a project, that way there’s a goal, timeline, and purpose.

Be excellent to each other

Jon A. – I’ve notice that philosophy is be excellent to each other. Even though our communications. Let’s make a concerted effort to be nicer to each other.

PowerWheels Recap

Ted H. – Powerwheels season. We did very well in Chicago, we won the endurance race , 40 laps, we won the 50 meter road race. We didn’t get the road race, sector 67 managed to run up a bunch of points in kansas city. Shawn Denny built one on his own, and blew away the other teams. Car #3 is still here and running, and we’ll all get a chance to Other power wheel carcases will be moving away soon. We took first in Detroit overall, Got a gold and bronze in Chicago 2nd overall in Chicago.

Robot Knife fight

Matt S. – We are looking for outside people to come to program the robots to fight. They will be featured at an event at District VII on August 25, 2012.

Laser Cutter Fund

Matt A. – We have a total of $6,080 in pledges.

Adjourn, 8:54pm

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