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21-- i3 Detroit, Regular Meeting, August 21, 2012

Chair: Eric Merrill

Start 7:30pm, Held in the commons


Chris Allington

Jon Anderson

Matt Arnold

Nate Bezanson

Ryan Busch

Hans Chen

Andy Distel

Kristine D

Micho D.

Steve f00f

Stephen Hermann

Rocco Marrass

Joe Marrass

Eric Merrill

Steve Nowiki

Matt Oehrlein

Adrienne Patterson

Ed Platt

Nathan Warnick

Dave Scholl

Roger Slykhouse

Matt Swit

Dustin White

Maddy Winnans





Eric M. – Elections are next meeting. [Read of current roster of candidates] Important dates: On August 28th, the ballot will be closed, everyone that wants to run will be a write in. On Sept. 1st, around 8pm, we will open voting for a 72-hour vote, ending on 8pm Sept. 4. 2012.

In the bylaws, the core members vote to elect everyone. In practice, everyone votes in the general election, and core members vote to certify the election. This is make the voting more representative. Do we want to continue to do it this way?

Marge – I'm in favor.

Eric M. If there’s no major objection, we’ll continue with the status quo. Every member is allowed to vote in the general election, and we’ll go through the formality to make it official.

Project Night

Nate B. – Tri 3 Projects. After the red bull thing, we drew a blank as to what do to with tri3. It’s really fun to play, we should do something with it. Karen thought it would be good to do an i3 Fair. I just wanted to bring that up, and Karen was thinking of having something far off. Does anyone have feelings on this, to set the thing up and play it.

Maddy W. – i think it’s a good idea.

Detroit Luvs Robots

Kristine D. - It’s Saturday, from 8pm to 2am, there are performers. We have chiptunes, and couple other synthesizers. Nate’s bringing in sad bots. If anyone else has robbot-based paraphernalia, bring it in.

Hazel Park Art Fair

Kristine D. – They are having groups for $5, we had a table there, if someone wants to bring a piece down, bring it over. We might get new members. It’s the September 22.


Ed Platt. – Brought it up at the board meeting. We use a custom CRM, a web app to track membership levels, some of us are meeting to go over it. If you know PHP or interested in learning PHP, this is the best way to learn. Just let ed know.

Laser Cutter

Matt A. – Roger has been talking to a shipper, it’s $6,800 including shipping, custom fees, etc. if we were to get it now. We have $6,080 in pledges now.We have about $5,500 actually brought in. We need around $1,300 now to be brought in. A lot of people have talked about when their paycheck is coming in. I want to request an additional $1,300.

Matt O. The check from Eaton is $1,000 will be able to used toward a laser cutter.

Eric M. – We will be issuing a form and receipt for tax returns.

Roger S. – The other hackerspace wants to share the deal with joint shipping.

Matt A – There’s a bit of rush to get it done.

Eric M. – Core membership, list of 9.

MOTION Matt S. $300 from the general funds, plus $1,000 from Eaton, once it clears, to be applied it to the laser cutter. Second,Ed Platt 7 for, 0 against, 2 abstain – Measure passes.


Matt O. – Yelp is having an event at the Fillmore, about 3 weeks ago, a fund-raising event for non-profits, they have some fans coming. They asked us to bring some cool stuff around, some fun stuff. It’s happening Sept. 7, 3pm setup, 7pm event starts. We are looking for someone to bring the power wheels car and drive it around.

Maddy – I can bring it.


Eric M. – At the next meeting, there will be a vote of core members for the final disposition for the trailer based on the vote that we had a meeting or two ago, to clarify that.



Tri 3

Rocco M. – I want reimbursement, my expenses were $273 for metal and wood. Matt swit $97 in wood, etc.

Matt Swit – we should figure out what the money is .

Roger Slykhouse – Everyone was really enthusiastic, about wanting to front the money. Thinking that we might be reimbursed from the prize money. We need to figure out how to process this in the future.

Ed P. – We have had this conversation in advance. If it’s not approved in advance, there should be expectation that you shouldn’t be reimbursed.

Nate B. – I went to home depot many times that weekend, i didn’t have any expectations that . It’s just like a personal project, with multiple people.

Eric M. We should have everyone who paid anything towards tri3, and gather it together, and then see if anyone was paid back.

Matt S. – Can money spent towards materials be spent be treated as a donation.

Eric M. – yes, with reasonable proof that it was spent for it.

Chris A. – I will write you(rocco) a check for part of it. Because it sucks that you won't be reimbursed.

Rocco M. – I asked a bunch of people, they all said that we were going to be paid back.

Matt S. – I thought there maybe a portion of people that would pay be back.

Eric M. – unless there’s a formal vote ahead of time, there will not be an expectation that it will be reimbursed. If there’s a group of people, then we would pool together everything.

Roger S. – There wasn’t a project manager on the project, there was no single person, to go get the stuff. Going forward, we would think about that.

Nate B. – I have to be comfortable not seeing the money again.

Rocco M. – If there’s no expectation, how will people want to spend money in the future.

Ed Platt – We need a way to figure out things in the future.

Stephen Hermann – We need a project manager, to know who spent about.


Stephen H. – We are low on bandsaw blade funds, grinding,. Please put money in the black box, we are low on money for tools, etc. for replacement parts for expendables in the metal & wood shop.

Eric M. – We need to be more proactive to asking for money.

Ryan B. Any money earmarked to tools?

Eric M. – We don’t have earmarks.

Nate B. – Electronics lab does really well on money for parts, the reason is that classes makes people very generous.

Eric M. - Some of the donation for the machine shop could be made more explicit.

End 8:22pm.

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