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04-- i3 Detroit, Regular Meeting, September 4, 2012

Chair: Eric Merrill

Start,7:30pm, held in the commons


Chris Allington

Matt Arnold

Hans Chen

Karen Corbeill

Kristine Diven

Steve foof

Ted Hansen

Stephen Hermann

Matt Huber

Paul Kerchen

Eric Merrill

Gary Mory

Matt Oerhlein

Adrienne Patterson

Ed Platt

Emily Saling

Dave Scholl

Roger Slykhouse

Matt Swit

Dustin White

Maddy Winans



Plus more



Eric M. – See Brodie for ballots, for all members in good standing, core or standard.


Eric M. - Two general meetings ago, we voted that the trailer must be out by september 7, if there’s no action by the group. Nate W. sent an email to the list, stating things that he had done, wants it staying Dec 6, 2012. 1. We can do nothing, 2. do an up or down bound vote; or 3. pass a very short term stay and allow for 72-hour vote that allows all core members to vote, besides who is here. Poll of core members, about half of the membership is here.

Ted H. - Vote for all members. We need to place a full vote the membership

MOTION Ted H. - We delay eviction for trailer until Sept. 14th, to do a 72-hour vote, to see if the trailer can remain until December 6, 2012. 6 for, 1 against. Second, Steve Hermann. Call a vote starting today/tomorrow. MOTION PASSES

Ted H. – Is it worth keeping as is?

Karen C – It can’t really be used for audio recording.

Nate B – It was supposed to fulfill three needs 1) Quiet place(has been satisfied by west annex; and the other needs it cannot meet.

Dustin W. – One of the things was it was supposed to be moveable, and it cannot be moved by a street legal vehicle. It’s a deathtrap to try to move it.

(new guy) – It looks like a room within a room, to do video work, it can’t really be outside. Is there that kind of need for that video activity.

Ted H. – A room within a room would be great, I don’t know if this is working as one.

Eric M. – We can get room back if it’s gone, it would allow the forklift through

Ted H. Show of hands, worth keeping as is? [no hands]

Dustin W. – Who wants it gone as soon as possible [about 1/3 of people raise hands]

Eric M. – A lot of things were promised, it hasn’t materialized. It takes up a lot of space for what it provides.

Nate B. – The recent spurt of activity would be good, but the problem is that it’s not reaching it’s goal, we shouldn’t be encouraging Nate w. to dig a deeper a hole.


Matt O. – This Friday, there’s a Yelp sponsored event at the Fillmore in Detroit. We’ll have a presence down there with robot knife fight, connect 4, giant big bag toss. I think you need to RSVP to the event, you can come in for free. It’s for Michigan youth arts. Setup begins at 3pm, event starts at 7pm.


Matt A. – We are still tallying, we have a tentative total (based on what other people have promised), it looks like we have edged over the line.

Kristine D. – Pretty much is clear for the next two weeks, we are ready to write that check. I can write that check today, just need to know who to write to and for what amount.

Eric M. – We need a motion to authorize Kristine to spend the money.


Ted H. - I move to authorize the treasurer to spend $6,900 for the purchase of the laser cutter, to be facilitated by roger Seconded, Core member vote, 7 for and 0 against. MOTION PASSES

Karen C. – Matt do you have a list of laser cutter accessories, if people have additional costs for laser cutter associates.

Eric M. – We can probably get them off of ebay if we need anything.

Twitter Bot

Nate B. – I got a personal email asking why the space has been closed for two months. The twitter bot has been reimplemented by me, and someone else took it over. Who is fixing it?

Matt O. - Myself and Ted are fixing it.

Ted H. – I can rewire it tonight.

Eric M. – Can we put something else in the web page banner so it doesn't say closed when it's under repair?

Matt O. - Yes

Electronics Workshops

Nate B – A bunch of people have been enjoying the electronics 101 workshops. And we made the oscilloscope drive the projector. Everyone should come to one of these, it’s a lot of fun. I would like to see more workshops of this type happen all over the space.

Steve Hermann – I want to get a workshop, we have a lot of tools that aren’t on the catalog. Saturday, two weeks from now, I want to show people .

Karen C. – Nate and I have been working on this, when I worked on this, a lot of people were hesitant to teach classes, but where hesitant because they didn’t have materials. Heading at the top, with bullet points. If you’re interested if putting that together, talk to Karen.


Roger S. - It ends Sept 30, So maybe the 23, or 30th. I’ll put it out on the list.

Stephen H. – Leave early to get there, there’s a lot of traffic up there.

I3 West

Eric M – There’s still a lot of things that we need to take care of. I am the current point person, but I will be gone in three weeks. I want someone else to take over. Mostly someone that can have the bullet point list and get it done.

Ted H – I will do it.

Election Results

Board of Directors

Matt Arnold

Nathaniel Bezanson

Karen Corbeill

Paul Kerchen

Roger Slykhouse

Nathan Warnick

Maddy Winans(aka Brodi3)


President - Karen Corbeill

Chief Executive Officer - Dustin White

Vice-President - Ted Hansen

Secretary - Maddy Winans(aka Brodi3)

Treasurer - Adrienne Patterson

MOTION Core member: Ted Hansen, Motion to ratified the election results elect board and Second Steve Hermann, All in favor 7, unanimous Motion Passes.


Steve Hermann – We have 96$, thanks for the contributions to the machine shop.

Kristine Diven – Be awesome to each other!

Eric M. - Transition board meeting, next week.

End, 8:06pm.

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