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18-- i3Detroit Board Meeting September 18, 2012

Chair: Dustin White

Start 7:30pm

' Attendees'

Nate Bezanson

Roger Slykhouse

Dustin White

Jody Raiford

Matt Arnold

Adrienne Patterson

Ted Hansen

John Sugg

Steve Hermann

Matt Huber


Ed Platt

Steve f00f

Karen Corbeill

Derek Wolbert

Allen Majorovic

Agenda Hazel Park Art Fair

Karen C.- A while back Kristine put up $5 for the hazel park Art, Would anyone like to volunteer? We can sell things, and we just need a few small projects.

Jody- I might be able to drop by; I cannot commit to a specific time. Can you post address and information.

Karen C. - Yes

ACTION Nate B. and Maddy W. Volunteer to help man a PR booth at the hazel park art fair.

' Vinyl Shop'

Dustin – Rocco is willing to sell back the vinyl stuff for about $500 bucks. I will put something on the mailing list begin everyone for their money. We would really like to get this replaced.

Matt H. – is there a preference buying it new or buying it from Rocco.

Dustin W. – is is cheaper buying it back form Rocco. It will be easier to just pool together and get

Karen – you can write it off as a tax deduction

ACTION Mailing list info will be sent out

Electronics Room

Nate B- I put this out on the mailing list. I would like to clean up some more storage.

Maddy W. - Is there a specific day?

Nate B- After the meeting, and every day until it's finished. SO the cleaning will start tonight and then there will be moving as soon as there is space to move it to.

Status of Forklift

Ted – At the board meeting we talked about the status of the forklift. Some people want to keep it some people don't we will have am proposal soon to get an idea on what to do with this. We need to figure out exactly what we need to do with this, and we need someone to take this one to get it fixed. We are looking for a volunteer, otherwise this.

Dustin W- This is not about if anyone likes the forklift or doesn’t like the forklift its about if the forklift is usable and if we need it.


Karen is to prep an email to the group about the status of the lift.

i3West Update

Nate B.-Door system is coming right alone, Joe took over assembling them. Everything looks good so far. I got the card keys and readers last week, everything works great. What we would like is someone who is better at programming to program it. The program example doesn’t fit the way we operate. It's all arduino.

Roger- I can help with that.

Nate B. - we need help with the key box. It is very narrow. The landlord agreed to the manual key.

Ted – this couple of infrastructure things, these are the gating items for us to move into i3West. If you are excited about i3 west and want to use it, then step up and volunteer to help. Please do.

Dustin – How much money did we save?

Nate B. - About $40 each


Ted – I talked to Nate about it yesterday... And he said he is going to move it out as soon as he gets doors on it.

Dustin W. - At this point technically could someone move it?

Ted – The board can do with it what they see fit.

Nate B. - He was in here last night doing work on it.

Matt A. - I asked him for a more specific date – he said Saturday

Ed P. - For where it says for a board to make a decision you should document that decision

Dustin W. - Is Saturday good?

Roger- is moving the trailer contingent on when he gets the doors on?

Matt A.- We need a plan to remove the trailer in the event that he does not take it.

Ted – I think you're right...we could put it on the street, but we will get a ticket. If we are going to do something with it, we need to make a good plan to move it. Saturday seems fine because we have no other plan.

Karen – I propose all board members present stay to discuss after the meeting.

Nate B. - There are special rules about calling board meetings that we have to follow

ACTION board member meeting to be forthcoming

Pop Can Container

Roger S- This is the pop can recycle bin (Demonstration on how to change the bag) I will take care of returning them, just put them by the door.


overview of trash and recycling

Steve H. – On recycling, Aluminum, copper brass and bronze are worth worrying about

Nate B.- Just to clarify this is the metal shop recycling, and unrelated to the recycling up front

Steve H. - Yes


Karen C. - they are willing to give us a table for free. Dec 1 Saturday and Sunday I am looking for small projects to display, we have to let them know in advance. Let me know and we will make sure we can bring it.

Nate B. - Can we get an overview of how big, etc...

Karen C. - I didn't get specifics, but they are giving us a table for free and it is usually

New Members Derek Allen

Adjourn 7:56

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