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06-- i3Detroit Meeting November 6, 2012

'Chair: Dustin White Start 7:30pm'


Dustin White

Roger S

Paul K

Nate W


Steve f00f



Matt H.


D Scholl

Mark L.


Ed (via google hangout!)

Matt O. (via google Hangout!)


Karen Needs a chair. She eventually retrieves a chair and takes a seat



Dustin: We hold the pot lock three or four times a year

Ted: two

Dustin:... two to three times a year....sometimes throughout the year we have a potluck/ Lock in. So what we do is we get a big list together of things that need to be done to the space, we buy material and do a whole bunch of things with the space that need to be done, like build shelves and make improvements, and Dec 1st is when it will be, after thanksgiving and before christmas so it won't interfere with anyone’s holiday plans.


Dustin continues:The shop usually pays for all the materials, I will be sending out an email with all the that need to be purchased. Please put your name on the list next to the items that you need. We look to need about $500.

Ted: Lets put it to the list, and Lets review the materials, so everyone can discuss and vote based on that.

Dustin (goes over list available on the wiki)

Karen: if you have an idea, please feel free to email me and we can work together (big smile) to have it completed.

Action: Information is to be posted to the list by Dustin

Jerry Bocci: That's all that is on the list; other ideas, please let me know. I will make sure it gets on the list. I will send an email tonight.

Woodshop Org./ Woodworking Classes

Greg: Dave and I have been working on this, but we have been trying to get things reorganized a little better back there and getting everyone going in the same direction. and have some vision of how it might want to be organized. we can stay after tonight and go over some ideas, we have a couple of go around carts to use, we can stack them up 2 or 3 deep, use it and

Ted: who is currently the zone warden?

Greg: Myself and dave. We just wanted to run this by everyone tonight, we are going to flag the tools as green for the wood shop and safety will be red. some of the red ones need to be up and people need to understand the difference between the different kinds. We spent most of today and got a lot accomplished.

Ted: Can I interrupt for just a second?... I'd like to have a round of applause (applause)

Dustin: did you put up the peg board?

Greg: Yes

Dustin: You are awesome!!

Karen: you’re my hero!

Greg: we want to pick some training days. Mostly on safety and how to use the tools correctly. It sounds simple but it’s really not and is extremely necessary. The tools can be kind of scary. We are still trying to get some tools. We are working with some organizations to get some grant money, I would like to get Karen involved with that.

I have a couple things put together for classes. Start with Safety and then move on with different tools. We can do different projects together eventually. I have no set date in mind, but it will be soon.

Terry W - Can we establish who can take the classes and who is what level?

Ted: we are trying to implement an across the board system for that. A list of experts on each tool in the space.

Party Recap

Woot Awesome Lulz


Karen: Raging success! Everyone had a great time! Lots of safe awesome fun.

Nate W.: $19 in the sucker was put in the Donation jar!


Karen: so our friends in ann arbor are really hurting just ot make rent this month, they have 4 weeks to make about 1500 dollars. If you want to donate please do. It is difficult for them to keep members because they don’t have the security they have, and it’s in downtown ann arbobr so its a lot easier for people to walk in. They are offering some classes, I would like to let him come here to teach some classes, and we can give the proceeds to AHA. PLease email him if you are interested in any of the classes that he has available.

Roger- We should have a laser benefit for them!

Dustin: please keep in mind that roger is excited and every suggestion will have laser in front of it

Treasurer Report

Adiranne: good news! We are doing pretty great finacially!

Ted: Woo hoo! (more applause)

Karen: ball pit

Nate; Bouncy house?

Adrianne: we got some pretty good donations last month! The Credit union donation was amazing and we got our tax refund!WE also got a donation of $500 from the soldering class with the children on sunday (applause for SwiT)

Adrianne: our income greatly exceeded our expenses for october!

Terry Wynn: what's our run rate? Our expenses each month?

Adrianne: about $2800-$3500

Ted: so we are planning in future months to expand the treasurer’s report. WE are working on a budget for 2013. Then we can start arguing on how we can increase revenue.

Dustin: Pay your dues!! I know we have a lot of members who haven't been paying their dues.

Adrianne: this is actually getting better!! Does anyone have any questions about paying dues? We do accept payments through amazon!

New business

New members

Terry Wynn: Interested in getting the Kiln online! Right now it’s safe to get up to 1600 degrees, there is some basic cleaning that needs to be done, but it should be up and running by mid, late next week! WEecan cook a turkey in it in about 5 minutes


Gary: I have not seen the actual motor actually rotate. we found a new starter.

Dustin: we can pull that out of shop funds

foof: if we need a manual for it, it’s $35 bucks. We have manual from other versions, but they aren’t very helpful

Ted; so what are you asking for?

foof: if the starter isn't the issue, we need to further investigate. The Manual will help.

Ted; if you need money, I think we can just bring it up on that list

Gary: before we spend money i have a friend who is willing to come and troubleshoot

Dustin: so go ahead and get that thing pulled and checked and then we will find out if we need to pull shop funds for the manual or other items.

Gary: Also, it has electrical issues i am not very good with electrical.

Other business

Gary M. - just an offer i found a a wheeled card, its about the size of the shelving unti with the pumpkins. if it is useful to anyone.

Karen: Bring it in! Dustin will find a use for it!

Dustin: I will!!

Gary M.: The only downside is that it needs a coat of paint.

Maddy: I can take care of that

Dustin: Any other new business?

Roger: Lasers!

End 8:10pm

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