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04-- i3Detroit Regular Meeting December 4, 2012

Chair: Karen Corbeill (not Dustin)

Start 7:30pm

Attendees Maddy Winans

Rocco Marras

Matt Arnold

Nate Warnick




neil funk

bill putt

David Scholl

Nate Warnick

Ted Hansen

Matt Huber

Karen Corbeill

Greg Smith

Adrienne Patterson

Matt Oehrlein

Dave Platt


Matt Oehrlein

Hans Chen



Steve Hermann

Brad (telescope)

Brian (CNC)

Potlock Recap'

Karen: if you were here thank you very much for all of your help

Ted: did we accomplish a lot

KAren: i think we set a new record in terms of i3, there are still a few line items, so check the email for a list of things


Table Saw Incident

Dave Scholl: It was a minor injury but it could have been more serious, one of our members was cutting strand board and the table saw threw it back at him. That is a common accident with table saws. The safety device was not put back on the table saw Greg and I will be working to make some signs on how to put on the Greg will be putting on a class about tablesaw safety specifically. So everyone will benefit this

Greg: it would only take about a half an hour

Karen: with any of our tools in the shop, if you make adjustments please remember to put it back the way you found it. If it’s broke, please let us know so we can get it fixed! I know there has been some issues like this with the laser

Matt A: Reset the origin!


Karen: We discovered that the drain is clogged in the mens room. Does anyone know a plumber.

Rocco: i know someone who does in home and commercial snaking, or are you looking for an actual plumber.

Nate: we just used a hand snake, we need a professional, there’s so much junk down that drain that we need to

Rocco: I will contact the guy I know and see if they can get a Mantis Ticket to be made to follow up with Rocco G&C Sewer service

CNC Mill Update

Brian: there has been a lot of good working on the CNC machine, the other thing to announce is that as soon as i get to update the wiki, there will be more than one operator, and that will be Allen and (??) We haven't really come up with a way to kick in money for this and how to charge for “time” used on the mill. WE created a flowchart on how to make a part on the mill.

OCD Party

Karen: So our friends at omnicore dorpped off an invitation for us. They are having a party Saturday Dec 15, the Festivus Prom! You are encouraged to dress up and go to this!

New// Member Intros

Karen wants to institute member intros at least once a month.

Ted: Thursday GIT class!! December 6, 2012. Sleepy nate will be here teaching it!

Karen: Come and take the class! We are lending our space so they (AHA) can make money for rent!

Matt Oehrlein explains GIT so we all understand exactly what it means!

Adjourn 7:56pm Show and Tell

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