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18-- Regular Member Meeting

December 18, 2012

Chair: Dustin White

Start 7:30


Chris Arlington

Nate B

Maddy W




Matt HUber

Greg Smith

Dave Scholl

Nate W.




doorbell rings immediately

Dustin: we have no agenda items

Ted’s Stories Radial armsaw. we are selling it...there is only one offer

Dustin: it has been deemed unnecessary

Greg: get $20 for it and run

Nate W: I bid $1

NAte B: I’ll buy it

Ted: if you are interested send me an email with an offer!

Update on i3 west,

Ted: the i3west project needs someone to take charge of it, bercause no one cares. If you care about i3West, step up to the plate and contact the board and we can tell you what needs to be done. If someone doesnt champion it, it will not happen

Nate B: Parking ticket Procedure

Ted: Is that a statement or a question?

Nate B: I came back from out of town to find a bunch of stuff in the graveyard that shouldn't have been there. With parking tickets on them with no signatures on them. I think we need to pay closer attention to this. This anon stuff is making people angry and is seriously not cool. Someone wrote my name on an unsigned parking ticket, and I would like to know who did so.

Dustin: someone had a gripe with A piece of equipment

Ted: the question stand that what does it mean if something is in the graveyard. The graveyard is not a parking spot for items on probation. If it doesn't go in the dumpster, it shouldn't go in the graveyard.

Nate B. Presents the parking ticket in question.

Parking tickets will be discussed at the next board meeting.

''End 7:39

Show and Tell''

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