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2013-01-01 Regular meeting January 1, 2013

Chair: Ted Hansen

start 7:34


Matt Huber

Ed Platt



Dave Scholl

Matt O


Not Dustin because he has a hot date


Dustin is on a hot date, so Ted will be taking over the meeting

Dustin’s Hot Date

Ted: Everybody be sure to ask him how it went.

Ed’s New Webcam Thingy

Everyone waves to ed

Ed via Matt O.: Basically the new system will allow anyone who wants to, be able to join a google hangout and view meetings in real time.

everyone cheers

Treasurer Report

Adrienne: We have Money!14k The big thing is we are starting to use quickbooks, starting today!

Ted: This means we will be able to have multiple people keeping track of money.

Adrienne: Next board meeting we will have a budget and reports from last year.

everyone cheers

Wish List

Ted: For all this cash that we have, we might want to spend some of it. I am going to sart a wishlist on the Wiki and I will bring it up on the mailing list.

Upcoming Events

Ted: Winter Lan Party! A week from Saturday.

Matt Huber: starts at noon and ends at sometime.

Ted: amateur radio meetup on Monday, and CRM hack sessions every Wednesday! Someone needs to put a blog post about upcoming events.

Brodie: I will do it if someone shows me how.

Ted: I will show you how!

New Members

Clint Mikek


Ted: If new members are interested in blog posting; please let us know. We are always looking for people to add blog posts.

Panel Saw vote

Brodie: vote passed to reimburse greg smith for panel saw purchase

Dave scholl: we will have a safety class soon. We we schedule one soon.

round of applause for new Table Saw

Matt O: we should set new resolutions for i3Detroit! Get along with Tech Shop!

Margaret: Safety First! Be Positive!

Matt Huber: we should continue to have days without velociraptor attacks



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