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2013-02-05 Regular meeting february 5, 2013

Start: 7:30

Chair: Dustin White


Paul Kerchen

Roger S

Nate W

Nate B

Matt O


Steve Foof


David Scholl



Matt A.

Eric Merril

Greg Smith


Kevin Flory



Via Google Hangout

Matt Huber

Ed Platt

John Sugg


FIRST Update

Nate B: HI! so we actually signed up two new members today, but they are not here for the meeting because they are in school we are sponsoring team 4811 FRC from Madison high-school. anybody with any kind of clue about robotics, please be here to help!

Greg smith - what times are they here?

Nate B- most days about 4 and they go until about 6. I've been spending a lot of time with them. Do we have anyone here that has previously been involved with First? I have.

How to make a Makerspace

Matt O- I went to Boston last weekend to represent us at how to put a Makerspace. Artisan's Asylum and Make. It was a very interesting hacker space business model. They are like a 40k warehouse, they pull about million dollars in revenue a year.

It was a three day event, and a really involved. The panels I spoke on were identifying and rallying your community, Comparative Makerspace Business Models, Cat Herding 101: Governing a Makerspace. I talked about how i3 was run, how we make decisions etc. Before I went out there I sat and spoke with our founding members

I gave a lot of people a plug for the CRM because a lot of people were complaining about member management.

I got copies of liability waivers that people sign at other spaces, these are a lot more involved than ours are. It’s worth looking into to better our own.

Video content will be available online. You will be able to go online and watch me make an ass of myself on the panels.

We apparently are experts at this...

Brodie: Matt, thank you for going to boston and representing us as a space.


Camera progress

Dustin the other day we started putting up the cameras, there are four (located here). This Friday the rest of them will go up. I will give you a better update next time.

Nate B- So just a little background, the motion to do this was approved a long time ago.

Strategy session

abandoned stuff

Dustin - we have a problem with crap accumulating here...so we are going to repaint the grid, and our parking permit system will work off that grid...we are going to do a purgatory spot over by the graveyard. You can use this area as a informal place to get things off the commons table

Matt A- There's a big distinction between junk that is someone’s personal stuff, and stuff that belongs to the space.


Nate B- Basically we know we have trouble integrating new members and getting them all up to speed. We are going to have a selection of a few members who have volunteered their time to be mentors. I re-wrote the new member forms with spots for follow ups (Nate can you enter a link here to the form??) I have also added new check boxes at the bottom. This is step towards expanding our member group and diversifying our members.

Matt O- also the people who have expressed interest and myself, there is a meeting on sunday from 5pm to 7pm. There is no agenda yet, but we will just go over what it means to be a member etc.

other stuff

Dustin- we all just need to clean up things better. Now after the meetings we are going to just write stuff on the board and everyone can volunteer 5 minutes of their time.

Nate B- To clarify the donation procedure. we have a problem with people donating things that we might not necessarily need or want. And it’s difficult to decipher who it belongs to. We need to write “DONATED” on it.


Greg Smith- There are not very many in the box

Nate B - I think Ed Platt ordered the last batch

New Member Intros

Ted Huff

Donnie Ungar

Brett (gaming lounge owner)

Bill Borowicz

Brian Dupree

Paul Deatheos

CRM Features

Ed will display CRM features following the meeting to anyone who is interested.

New Business

Adrianne; I wanted to talk to everyone about the energy usage! So basically we have been using a lot of energy lately for example out gas usage is 20% more than january of last year. Our gas bill was $520 Also our electric bill this month was 30% more than it was in december

Nate B- we should talk to b nektar about their usage

Eric Merril- we should do a meter reading with the two.

Nate W- I don’t want to draw blame - the torque cut has been used a lot lately. That draws a lot of energy.

Roger- Quad copters, U of M has a group of people that work on Quad copter. I want to schedule something in March.

Ted’s Project

Ted- I got a project many of you will notice the brilliant bright green lights! This is our new space status indicator

Nate B pulls a Vannah White and demos the new system.

Red is bad, green is good.



Ted- the next ham radio meetup is Thursday the 21st here at i3!!

End 8:00pm

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