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05-- 'Regular Member Meeting

March 5, 2013

Chair Ted Hansen because Dustin does not want to do it.


new member and guest introductions.

Brodie: this is something that we are going to implement into every meeting-- there will be no strangers sitting in meetings.

everybody goes “hooray!”

Say hello to the guests


Makes all sorts of stuff; electronics engineer very into music stuff

Chuck found out about the space off of the maker map

Nate b-we have been on there for about 24 hours


Roger S. - so sparkfun is doing a national tour and they wanted to visit one place in all 50 states where they get together and do a class. they provide class packs and kits

So the deal was the first one in each state got it for $1500 I got one for us at this rate. it will be sometime in the month of august. but i think about 2 months ahead we should start promoting and charging for seats.

Applause and cheers for Roger for fronting the money

Roger - A few people have already contributed money towards this.

Ted- I would be in favor of reimbursing roger for the remainder of the cost of the sparkfun event.

Majority of agreement and thumbs up from the membership

Nate B- pending approval of the treasurer saying that it’s ok to do in the middle of the cold winter months.

Neil- how does this tie in with people who have already said that they will contribute to this?

Ted will figure out how to go about this, and make all of the money and contributions make sense.

New 3d printer

Brian - i got it really cheap....for $500

Dustin- Oh Gee, what's the value of it!?

Brian- About $150,000!

I was able to get this through the Milwaukee makerspace. One of the guys there has two of the same model.

Once I got the machine printer-- it has two nozzles one for the main structure and one for supporting pieces. JIm kemp and myself 15 minutes to figure it out and clear the jam.


It can’t sit on the ground... we need to figure out exactly where to put it.

Ted- Classes and availability?

Brian -Real soon! we are still commissioning it. There is no heated platform, and i need to find replacement foam. ABS and wax is available.

Roger put a page up on the wiki.

new guy with cool sweater- how long does it take to make something like that?

Brian- About 30-45 minutes!

More applause

Bob Ross happy mountains update

Matt O- the bob Ross class we are popping in a DVD and have made pretty good money in the past. Yelp specifically asked us to do this. They have had a lot of requests within 2 or 3 hours . 15 seats and only 1 seat left. Next time we might need to jack the price up to $30. We’ll do a members only session later on down the line.

Nate b- how can we help?

Brodie - We need to clean up the space really good the day before in preparation.

Matt O.- We also need 6 more easels made. We need to purchase enough canvasses.

Jody- Yelp as in the website or....?

Matt O. - Yes...YELP as in the website. Ticket sales are covered. We only have one seat left.

Nate B- I looked at the calendar - This day might be a good day to also host a world wide hacker space open day.

Matt O. - the people who are coming to this are people who have no idea what hacker spaces are. So this will be a really good opportunity to educate people on what we are all about.

Artemis Terry is not here to discuss this

Ted- Nate, can you give an overview of what this is? You’re pretty involved aren't you

Nate B- It is out of my hands! Anyway it is a cool little game and fun...highly addictive. Show up and see what it’s all about!

Kiln Zone

Terry is not here

Roger-- I can explain this; Terry finished off the relay connector and we tested it, and now it’s on me to work up a connector for the arduino controller and tuning in the controls. Making progress.

Ted- has there been any progress about getting in the ceramics kiln.

Roger- we were thinking about having some sort of roll out thing to work together with the other one. We just want everyone to be safe while they are using it.

Nate B- can i question the premise of having two kilns?

Roger - Yes.... (silence...then LOLZ)

Ted- we won't know until they are both operational.

Nate B- can i bring in another forklift?

Dustin- yes...do you need help moving it?

( basically nate b is questioning the move in of a large piece of equipment without consultation of the membership as a whole, and the board.)

T-shirt order status

Greg Smith - during mentorship programs we can say tshirts are available for $10...who is in charge of this??

Ted- it has been three years since we have ordered them.

Greg smith- I will find a good local place and take care of this

Thanks Greg!!

Ted- who doesn't have an i3 t shirt sitting here right now who should have one!?

(3/4ths of people raise their hand)



Chris Allington- we had two people who needed information on patent law

Nate B- I am pretty sure i know one of the individuals you are talking about and I will provide you with their information.

Jody - on a personal note My car was stolen... can I get an awww?

everyone awwwwwwws

end 7:59

Show and tell -- Vacuum Former Demo (Hurray!)

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