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'Regular Member Meeting

March 19, 2013

Chair: Dustin White

Start 7:30

Attendees Matt Oehrlein

Chris Allington

Ryan B

Steve J Nowicki

Greg Smith

Gnora Ford-Lepthien

Nate Bezanson

Dave Scholl

Steve Hermann

Roger S

Marie Enga

Nate W

Clint Mikek

Maxwell (unreadable)-Alexander

Jake Levuyer

Kevin Flory

Dan Eklund

John Zalewski

Paul K

Dustin White

Trevor cook

Jody Raiford

New Members

John – From Toledo, does electronics, software, and plays bass. Jake – from royal oak, mountain biker, 3d printing arduino stuff, Jordan is a member and got him interested. Dan eckland – arts stuff, knows bacon, does burning man stuff, fire art, arduino, wants to do 3d printing, and whatever else that’s interesting.

Investing Workshop

Roger: WE had an impromptu workshop last night about investments. Did a 2 hour class. Had 10 people. Roger pushes “ask for classes you want”. Jake mentions that he is a stock market analyst and can do follow-up classes.


Nate attempts to recap: Penguicon is a techy con and in the past i3 has had a presence there. This year, there doesn’t seem to be much coordination. The schedule is pretty much set, but there are a few things that might need help. Matt Huber is trying to organize a power wheels thing. No action items right now, stay tuned on the mailing list. It happens at the end of April.


Greg: I got appointed the task of ordering t-shirts. What I want to do is get an idea of everyone’s size. Informal Survey is taken of sizes. Scott suggested we can do the golf shirts. Dustin: we also have the powerwheels logo to make shirts with. We own that logo. Nate: Could we go jackets also? Dustin: I’d love to see embroidered Dickies Jackets. Nate: I would support that we buy a ton of a shirts ahead of time using group funds. (treasurer is not present, so no action on this yet) Greg: 100 shirts is $950. Dustin: Café Press has crappy shirts.


Greg: I’m just looking for a date. Dustin: lets do one before maker faire, but not too close. Lets do May 18th 2013.

Maker Faire Stuff

Community Meeting Matt: I will be going to the maker fare community meeting. If anyone is thinking about bringing a project to maker faire for the first time or interested in volunteering, thinking about coming with me.

General Matt: I will be shooting for at least the same sized tents that we had last year. Roger: What are we going to do for the maker faire party this year? Dustin: I don’t want to organize it. Nate: I heard that no one looked at the invite because it was way buried in the packet. Ryan: There was a lot more flyering two years ago, but we didn’t flyer last year Roger: We should try to get it into the official communication. Roger: Funding. Matt: Lets just make brodie do it all. Nate: We really need a team to do it Paul: I will also be on that team.

The key thingy

Nate: I noticed a bunch of members have had trouble getting in. I sent an announce email, and a lot of people didn’t seem to get it. Who already knew about the key thing? ~70% of people raise hands. Nate: Basically some chunk of the key slots got erased, and we had to re-program a bunch of keys with new pins. If anyone wants to volunteer to help us develop our new system, it would be greatly appreciated. Arduino, PHP, stuff.

New Business

Matt Smith Clint: Math Smith is coming to town, can we get him to come here? (no one really cares or wants him to come apparently. Lots of people are confused about who he is)

Parking: Chris A: Can we park illegally? (Aggregate response: no)