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2013-04-16 Regular member meeting


Tuesday April 16, 2013


Maddy Winans

Matt Oehrlein

Margaret Lyell

Dave Scholl

Matt Huber

Eric Merrill

Dustin White

Rocco Marras

Steve Nowicki (f00f)

Roger Slykhouse

Nate W.

Chris Prout

Jacob Zells

Marie Enga

Chris Allington

Steve Hermann

Nate Bezanson

Steve Hermann

Devon Truscott


Dustin is losing his voice so Ted is going to be running the meeting

New Member/Guest Introduction

Jim - guest from Cincinnati hacker space


Chris- Joining tonight!

Daniel - has a project

Nate B’s Arduino Puzzle Hunt

Nate- yes! so, was anyone else here at the arduino this arduino thing in ann arbor? massimio bansi was in Ann arbor i laser cut little puzzle boards and handed them out. There’s a URL on it and if you go there it starts the puzzle. No one has figured it out yet! There was one person who got as far as step 4. There is one person who is out there who’s . you can win a free month membership. Blog post is worth it, see if we can get some attention. Dustin and Nate B are paying for the free membership.

Chris Allington motions to have i3Detroit use funds to pay for free membership

4 in favor of

0 oppossed

none opposed, motion passes

Dustin is going to find a new trophy case

Open access controller

Margaret- back last October open access controller to make it accessible for i3 modified it, it is now running and passing tests, and basically we are done with this phase, we have 2 more phases to implement

CRM information needs to be integrated

Ted- does anyone want to volunteer to join on this?

Nate B Does!

Ted- do we need more help?

Nate- This is it’s own meeting in itself. We will meet another time.

Ted- this is a critical component for i3west. This has stalled because no one has stepped up to take charge of that.

Margaret- if anyone wants to see a demo come see after the meeting.

Guest Daniel Alex and the "Find What's Inside" project

Daniel - I started a website called findwhatsinside.com it’s in beta right now. Contact@i3detroit.com PW: i3D#&R0IT I take things apart a lot, to see what's inside. I've created a user generated database to gather what information is inside of various things.

Invites us to come enter information

Rocco- is this a pay website?

Daniel - It's free!

Serial-signals class wrap up / next one

Nate B- it went well! there were 4 people that registered. serial ports inside of all different kinds of things. 2 people showed up and there was no space to hold the class! Perhaps this there something else that I should be doing to reserve space for classes?

Ted- The electronics room might need some special attention

Eric M - I didn't know that it was going to be in the e lab and i din't know it was going to take up the majority of the space in the e-lab. I think there should be a sign posted somewhere physically, and outlining that the e-lab will be closed on X day.

Announce list?


Red Bull update

Eric M- So as some of you know we are working on the red bull creation qualifier. They are returning this year to New York. Eric goes over an overview of the last time Red Bull Creation happened in New York. It is almost as if red bull creation last year did not happen. Red bull creation is where Brodie got her name from Rocco. Eric explains the project that is being created for the qualifier...A beat machine of some sort... Sounds pretty awesome! If anyone wants to solder this weekend, we are going to have a soldering party this weekend! we have to produce a video, including public display.

Eric wants to request about $400 to help with expenses for this

Nate B Motions for expenses to be paid up to $500 with i3Detroit funds, provided all receipts are turned in to the treasurer.

6 in favor

None opposed

motion carries

New Business

Matt O- the next iteration of bob ross is happening may 18th, and it’s going to be all-out. 3 classes all day long. $25 for short session and $35 for the longer sessions.

Steve Hermann - something happened to the grinder. the wheel on the tool grinder was plugged with aluminum. hard wheel grinder don’t

Cameras need to be finished, because we need to find out who is ruining tools

Potlock prep and task review

May 11th come see Maddy get drunk and use a power drill!!

Nate B goes over the to-do list for potlock, and carries into after the meeting.

Nate B - Everyone can help!

Ted- Oh Boy!

end 8:11

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