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2013-05-07 Regular Member Meeting


May 7, 2013

Start 7:30 PM


Maddy Winans

Adrienne Pattterson

Nate Bezanson

MItchell Duncan

Marie Enga

Chris Prout

Marc Kukalis (Newbie)

George Barnes (Newbie)

David Scholl

Greg Smith

Terry Wynn

Gary Morin

Nathan Warnick

Devon Trucott

Sarah Novacyk

Ted Hansen

Matt HUber

MAtt Oehrlein

Chris Allington

New member intros// Guest intros.

Derek heard about us on interwebz


Mark - metalworking

George - work with Jerry Bocci


Report from each present zone warden.//Zones that need wardens.

Matt huber- the vacuum former, are they part of the fab lab

nate B- do you consider them part of your zone?

Ted Any reason they shouldn’t be?/ if you want to take on the responsibilities i think that’s ok. It’s a volunteer position.

Nateb B- E room- just a thank you to everyone keeping it clean.

Terry W- The kiln zone is operational! (show and tell with a glass box) (terry make a blog post!)

Greg Smith- woodshop we have got most of the tools replaced that nick took out and we are keeping everything organized; there are some white drawers for zone wardens if they want them. The woodshop has been kept clean.

Nate W- Injection molding maybe we should wait until after inspection? just needs power, and this will be looked at at pot lock. We are moving the large pallet rack near the injection molder

Jody and Nate W will talk about rehashing zone warden responsibilities for welding area.

review of zone warden responsibilities.

Electric metering update.

Nate B- May become a potlock task! They will be here by friday. It’s under $400

Ted explains what potlock is.

NAte B says that everyone has to come and stay the whole time or we will shoot them. (with nerf guns of course)

Great Tool Exodus Update // Nick’s timeframe

most tools that are leaving will be staged on saturday at potlock. There are still a few weeks until some things leave.

Brodie discussed via email with Nick B. about transaction

New cupboards / storage is to be replaced at potlock.

CoordiNATE - Nate B and Nate W. will work on getting the new cabinets and storage.


Ted- Table saw is on its way out...

Greg Smith- we have a proposal - Almost all institutions are replacing their table saws wit SawStops (review of what the SawStop is and benefits of purchasing) There will be no sales tax. up to $3000

Brodie will post a motion to the mailing list tonight for a vote on the purchase of the new SawStop.

RBC update

Ted- It was working really awesome at penguincon, the video. Whats the next step?

Matt O. - we will hear by friday if we make the qualifier. If you are available let us know. We have to have the list together by Monday

Ted -Super fun and great! It’s a great networking opportunity. If you can go; GO!

Nate B- the number of news organizations that came through there was insane!

Terry W- Eric had put a significant amount of money.

We will pass the hat for contributions Terry W. will champion this

Update on January Strategies??

Nate B- so half of what came out what the mentorship which is working, I think this is going really well. Maat and Ed are working on a module for the CRM for tracking mentorship tracking features. The other half was storage and stuff and graveyard and stuff

C+ Great job!

New business?

Thank you for the google hangouts! Woo hoo!

Greg Smith brought in a toaster oven

Ted- The metalshop -- everyone walk through the metal shop and find a horizontal surface without crap on it. This makes us all sad, and this needs to be addressed with an iron fist. If nothing is done about it buy saturday, we will have to clean it up the best we can

Nate B- we will make unqualified people clean it! (this is a threat, not a suggestion)

Need Group Project for storage/maintenance of General Store of Small Parts/fasteners.

Terry W - there need to be more slots - I want it to look as nice as the electronics lab.

Nate B- Go terry go!!

Terry W will champion this task


List to be made after the meeting of tasks and volunteers

Nate B- Motion to spend up to $400 on miscellaneous supplies for potlock (light fixtures, air plumbing, supplies).

5 out 5 voting members vote yes, none opposed motion passes.

End 8:16pm

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