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2013-05-21 Regular Member Meeting

i3 Detroit

Tuesday May 21, 2013

Chair: Ted Hansen

Start 7:30 PM


Nate B

Eric M

JAcob Z


Matt O.



Chris Prout

Chris Allington

M. Lindsey Fortune

Ryan Ball

Terry W.


Matt A.

David Scholl

Paul Kerchen

Greg Smith

Goggles (Justin)

Devon Truscott and crew

Steampunk Steve



New Members/Guest Introductions

Randy Truscott


Mr. Lawrence



Zone warden reports

General Tool crib

Gres smith explains that the tool crib is in bad shape. we need some general tools because people are taking their tools home. For $200 we can get a set that greg smith reccommends.

Nate B- my sockets have been there for 4 years; help yourself.

Ted - Point taken, we need a complete set.

Paul can get sets at an auction. We will know by thursday. They would be donation and not something we would have to use funds for.

Matt A. Proposes to allocate $200 for new tools pending Paul’s findings for donation.

5 voting members all in favor of allocating $200 for the purchase of new tools for the tool crib at the discretion of Tool Crib warden.

Terry W silently walks in with pizza!

Zones without wardens

Responsibilities of wardens are discussed; the tool crib needs a warden or co’s. Organization, inventory etc. Dave Scholl gives a detailed explanation of certain jobs.

Devon Truscott and some other dudes are going to fight for warden spot of tool crib.

Greg smith- revamp of woodshop, moving of the rack; getting the space put back together. Should be back in business by Friday at the latest

Matt A- Laser Zone wanted to talk about getting a co-warden; I am getting a job in Ann arbor, but i probably wont be able to be here as much. getting a co-warden to phase me out will be a good idea.

Kevin- Craft room Nothing new!

Nate B- got a really interesting donation on Thursday from OU. Whole storage facility. Zenith parts, a lot of knobs and butttons. There was an electric meter and other fun toys. I will make a post on the mailing list coming soon. Stocked up on general items from Hamvention. The floor in the E-room is a problem. Roomba needs to be fixed. :( ROOMBA IS SICK!

F00F- Metal shop the metal drill press needs to be replaced; but it is part of the tool exodus.

Terry- Kiln is up an operational and i brought pizza from our off site kiln; fastener components are great.

Vinyl shop - Dan Eklund is going to take over! COOL! :)

54inch cutter is improving

Concrete Challenge

Terry W- there are bags of concrete floating everywhere...what’s the deal? I can offer to pay for them and chuck them. If anyone wants concrete contact Terry W.

Goodbye Concrete (eat pizza)

Potlock recap

Nate B - Big success! Bunch of stuff looks better; a little bit of stuff that has not been done, but if people are in rah rah do stuff spirit see me! WE have a lot stuff.

Ted - That to do list is secret right?

Nate B- yes it is under a page that is only visible to me unless someone guesses the word "to do" and types it in the search bar on the wiki.

Hamvention expedition recap

Ted- don't stay at super 8 in Dayton

they had a super fun time otherwise, lots of cool stuff.

Bob Ross recap

Kevin- went well, far less people; talked about demographic of people, how much to charge ect. We are fixed to give 3 or 4 more classes. Matt and Maddy helped a lot.

Nate B- wants to get clerance on using the name of Bob Ross. The Ross estate has more lawyers than God.

OU visit recap

Matt O- uhhh, so this has been going on for a few weeks; prof at OU gave me a call, I did a presentation in a marketing class. The students are going to come up with marketing ideas for i3. After the presentation they had class here on the next Wednesday after. It was great, a lot of positive feedback. Not sure how helpful this will be.

On june 19 they are giving presentations; i need people to go to this because I cannot because I will be awesome in Washington DC.

Nate B wants to put a spy cam on all tours of the space

RBC update

Eric M- rainbowtron (rules!) it will be at maker faire, we qiualified (celebration!!!) 6 teams out 53 qualified eric matt rocco and sean will be going to NYC on june 12 for a three day trip. We could use people back here running a “command center” for supplies, idea etc. There will be a live stream.

Matt O- watch us cut our hands off and yell at us through the webcam.

Upcoming event / calendar review

Up in the Aether presence and champion

Matt A- The plan is for a bunch of key chains we are asking $150 for funds to make.

Steam punk Steve- is is a huge steampunk convention, there will be thousands of people ; a great opportunity for promotion. start this friday and goes through Monday.

MAtt A- good wide age range. Good group to appeal to.

Motion to allocate $150 for key chains made by Matt Arnold, second by Nate B

All present voting members vote yes; Motion passes.

$150 is to be reimbursed to Steampunk Steve/ Matt A for key chains

Maker Faire presence and champion/coordinator

Nate B thinks Ted’s mom is better than Maker faire (how nice)

Matt O will champion it and brodie will help

Ted- its lots of fun! We have our own i3 tent! Bring your projects!

NAte B wants focus groups for projects with metaphors and websites and shiny things to attract people and details and making things look awesome.

Car Charger up front (Jody)

Matt O- Any time someone is charging their car you cant weld or run the microwave.

Eric - Do we put a charging station outside?

Ted- if someone is motivated to do this, is anyone against this??

Roger- It is not a good use of our money about $700

Googles- we should contact some sponsers to help fund projects like this-- companies that have things like car charges and tell them about us and ask for a donation and we will plaster their name everywhere (goggles will do this)

Nate B- it will get us on some cool maps if we install one.

discussion of different kinds of stuff for this.

Lock Picking Class Organization

goggles and Maddy will champion this.

Spray paint-

Matt O- there is a lot of debate about this topic; I talked to the land lord, and he did not give me a straight answer. Concrete spray paint is a big no no. Powder is now gone that was outside, so that is no longer an issue. Just use your brain when you are spray painting outside and put down like 50 drop cloths.

Devon- during potluck i tried power washing and it didn't work, we need to use some sort of abrasive

Eric- we should put a sealer on the concrete.

nate b wants to spray paint all the things

emergency funds transfer

Brodie for Ed Platt

would like to propose the following at tonight's meeting:


WHEREAS i3 Detroit has an emergency fund to cover unforeseen expenses in the interest of long term sustainability;

and WHEREAS no funds have been added to the emergency fund since 2010-06-01;

and WHEREAS i3 Detroit currently has a surplus operating budget,

WE RESOLVE to transfer an additional $3000 from our checking account into the emergency fund.

Adrienne - we just added funds last month.

Roger- what is this going to cover

tabled until the 18th

New Business


CNC mill demo

Where do laptops go to die? Graveyard

Greg Smith - Nate W was supposed to be here to direct where he wanted the rack to go...but he is not

Rack was moved DUNZO

End 8:28

Broom party commences (Nate B does a jig)

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