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2013-06-04 Regular Member Meeting


June 4, 2013

Chair - Ted Hansen

Start 7:30 PM


Maddy W

Paul Kerchen

Adrienne Patterson

MAtt Arnold

Terry Wynn

Chris Prout

Gary Morin

Eric Merrill

Marie Enga

Maxwell Gonyea-Alexander

Justin Triplett

Margaret Lyell

Kevin Flory

Emma Whipple

Doug Whipple

Andrew M.

Ryan Ball

Matt Huber

Derek Kuschel

Roger S.

Dustin White

google hangout

Greg Smith

John Anderson

Neil Funk


1. New Member/ Guest Introductions


Dustin White has resigned his CEO position

The board can fill in the CEO Will be done in one week. Ted has taken on this position in addition to being vice prez. for the time being.


Upcoming classes:

Marie Therese- Kite making class Saturday at 1!

Wiki Editing Workshop and Saturday at 4.

Sunday is the compute zone orientation. At noon!

Lock picking -- Looks like that date will be set real soon!

Kiln glass workshops -- thank you Terry! Every Wednesday until further notice at 7 members only

Plasma cutter Thursday the 13th

Boom Cases- per brodie. June 29th with OCD

Matt O. - Laminar fountain- we are doing a group build laminar flow fountain cool water based installation for maker faire. I think i have 5 people volunteering for it now.... Thursday and Sunday are our build nights. Should be awesome! Needs people to help assemble, need electronics people. If you help we can get you into Maker Faire for free.

Upcoming events:

Young John's birthday (So many Jo[h]n Anders[e|o]ns around here) NAte b- i don’t know if there is a plan ytet, but some of you have seen John who comes in and he turns 18, and we want to make him a member at the stroke of midnight. WE have plans to have plans, there will be some sort of cake or something. I was thinking about getting him some nice tools and stuff. WE are his friends and extended family.


Matt O- AWESOME SHIRT DUDE New Print shop maker-space. They have a printer press and some other cool stuff. they had an open house on Saturday. They have an interesting business model. 90 bucks a month and you get free reign. They also do services like any other t shirt making company. You can pay by the hour. SOUNDS AWESOME! we should utilize this for events we have like Bob ross, etc.

Maker Faire, Maker Faire

Nate B says it’s lame. Ted thinks it’s awesome You get to show off your awesome project. So do it!!! Matt O needs a list of peeps going.

We can fire cannons at OCD.

Party Committee Meeting 06/06/13

Extended registration june 14th for projects.

Internal business:

Membership coordinator position.

Nate B- There seems to be consensus that this is a good idea so let's bang out the details and/or just throw someone the title and pledge our support and see what hay they're able to make from it.

Taking things home, doing it right: I'd like to point to Nick's tool exodus as a positive example of advance notice and open communication, giving fellow members plenty of time to adjust and secure replacements, etc. It's important that we understand how our contributions, once added to the space, can really leave a gap if removed suddenly. (The specific process hasn't been without wrinkles, and that's fine, it's the advance-notice I want to emphasize and request establishment as custom/rule/etc.)

Membership Zone Coordinator

Marie and Maddy will write up a proposal on what this should be.

New storage:

The pallet rack has been moved, set up (thank you Nate W), cleaned (thank you Matt O), and has whiteboard strips attached for one shelf, the others to follow soon now that the hot-glue shortage has been rectified (thank you Home Depot). This one's gonna be strictly managed under the new schema, proper labels 100% mandatory, containers 100% mandatory, nonconforming crap immediately shoveled to the graveyard by anyone who feels like it. I want to emphasize that we're not expanding the atrocity that is present storage, we're trying something new which should offer less ambiguity and more fairness for all who share this space.

PR budget $300? (We need updated brochures mainly) This is separate of maker faire as our current stock is from 2010 and doesn't list our new laser cutter, and still says we have a chemlab.

NAte B -Someone needs to come up with a brochure idea and a fair proposal on how much it will be.

General agreement to table it until someone comes up with a decent proposal for a brochure with expenses/etc.

Zone Coordinator Updates

    	a. Tree House/White Board room

max and maddy Max - Making leaves if anyone has a spare fan that they would be willing to donate. that would be great. Making sure its staying clean

White board room will be cleaned out and revamped in the up coming weeks.

Kevin - no news Craft Room

b. E-lab zone orientation, fourth Thursdays, announcement forthcoming. 1700 word novel on the mailing list tha no one read...but that’s ok!! Ted and nate b have a moment. Nothing new or crazy.

Compute zone

marie and justin triplett- yay computer with a camera for new members monthly wiki workshops and orientation.

Woodshoop - Awesome training it’s important to learn to use the saw stop. We are hoping it is soon

Kiln Zone- Awesome Awesome Awesome; weeekly on Wednesdays Terry is holding kiln workshops for members only.

RBC updates (if anything new Eric Merrill- Round of improvements for rainbow tron- i am looking for funds to help it -- It’s going to maker faire. Its owned by i3 when it is done. Sara cut off funding because she is a smart wife.

New york starts next Wednesday. Matt o Rocco and Sean will be in NYC for RBC we need to set up a command center. Who ever wants to be a part of that please let us know so we can set up a command center here at i3 while we are in NY.

You may notice tools and stuff missing, but we are going to take a vehicle with us to New york and we are going to take whatever we can to NY. WE can win lots of $$$ for i3. There are 6 teams.

New Member Storage-

Looks cool!

There are going to be a few changes to the membership --

Communication is a real problem - this is a perennial topic. For better or for worse, there will be some changes to the communication structure around here.

Ideas Nate B- Moderated News Letter - but huge time spender. Maybe this is a rotating duty?

Terry W- what’s the problem

Teds version of the problem, the mailing list does not work for any of it’s intended purpose too much traffic and feelings get hurt.

no one is paying attention to the mailing list.

Roger- Disagrees and thinks that it’s a social skills problem, not a mailing list the mailing list is used for communication from member to member. But it’s using

Nate B- Advocates throwing the list into moderation for a limited time. With a set of volunteers, the list will be moderated for about a week.

More oopinions are shared. Board meeting will determine what should be done.

End Meeting 9PM

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