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2013-08-06 I3Detroit

Regular Member meeting


Chair Ted Hansen


Maddy Winans

Greg Smith



Justin Triplett

Samantha Letvin

Dave Scholl

Steve Nowicki

Chris Allington

Adam Scholl

Terry Wynn

Jim Kemp

Jamie Burdeski

Mike Fink

Derek Kuschel

Christine Osinski


Clayton M.

Ken Buttery

Gary Morin

Matt O.


Nikki Metivier

Jeff Bannow

Konrad Brown

Aaron Greenwell

Roger S.

Ed Platt

New Member Intros/ guests

Nikki – CCS Furniture

Jeff- new-ish Crazy big camera

Halley- Guest works with wood and furniture

Ken- Sheet metal design, surfacing pedal boards and kayaks

Clayton- stay at home dad, looking for projects for home improvements wiki editor.

Scott- Computer science he is interested in Electronics

Eric- Scott’s Brother…might become a member, he likes it here.

Meeting meeting from last meeting

We are going to start off the meetings from now on with a review of the last meetings minutes

Pallet rack— fell through follow up with Nate W. on his plan

Maker Faire

Great job it was a huge success this year.

Ted -- maker faire was fantastic, we did a great job and had a great time. We had a variety of projects, I think this is one of the better maker faire .

Nate B - it only rained a little bit!

Matt O-- Uhaul truck was awesome. Huge props to Marie— the hat is passed for donations to reimburse for the uhaul for maker faire.

Matt Huber got a great bruise from power-wheels- you can see a picture of it on facebook or somewhere on the internet.

Maker faire party was awesome.

Thanks all around.

More interactive projects next year.

The laminar flow fountain got three blue ribbons.


Potlock is scheduled for Saturday August 10, 2013. Potlock is explained. Attending maker fiare has s[parked an interest for new memberss The structure for potlock is currenly being put together instead of all day it will only be noon-6. Focus on cleaning and smaller tasks. Who is controlling funding? Post meeting the to-do list will be tackled.

Elections Please submit Nominations to Brodie before next member meeting

September 6, 2013- is Labor day—need to send note to the list. Shopuld we have elections still on this day? Discussion of possibly having the elections take place via email-- but it is determined that it is a direct violation of the by laws [INSERT REFERENCE TO WHERE THIS IS IN THE BYLAWS HERE]

CRM Dues

Adrienne- some upgrades have been made to the CRM by Ed and Matt O that allow you to see your current balance, and has Module that you can pay your dues from.

Nate B- CRM keypad, if you can’t open the door come see me!

Adrienne- if you have signed up to pay your dues on amazon awesome—if you are paying under a code-name, please let me know so I can apply them to your Account. If your name on amazon is 123Company, Inc. and has no reference to your name...there is no way for me to tell who you are!

Holograms Chris Allington-- We are going to have an event at i3detroit. See Chris for mopre details-- it's going to be awesome

CNC donation

Motion passed via the mailing list. Brian Wennberg- we will be getting it soon. The guy has to order his new machine, lead time 4-5 weeks

Zone Coordinators

Brian W--Machine shop—we have purchased the Mill and we have ordered the hobby mill from grizzly- shipment has delayed. Still should be no big deal. At the end of this month I will be going to Chicago and picking up the bulk of the tools for the machine shop.

Devon- Bubmlebee is back up (Hooray)

Jason- Tool crib zone we are talking to someone in GR who is going to donate some tools. Hooray!

Greg- Woodhsop getting things out back together- new cabinet, just lowered the drill press, new material storage rack to be built during potlock —I will be providing guidelines on how to use it to the board soon.

Compute zone- Marei and Justin-- on the 14th; if you want to learn anything computer related in regards to i3 come see us!

Terry- Kiln Zone the kiln is down, its short on the furniture inside.

Max- who’s xbox is in the treehouse? I brought in new ones that might work.

E-room- Quit turning the soldering irons up so hot! It is bad and makes us all sad—we had an amazing donation of stuff come in. I would like to coordinate care packages for fellow hacker-spaces, but not alone.

Show and tell – Jim – Plasma cutter, I’m not really the plasma guy- I just helped get it up and running. I would like to give a few classes sometime next week probably. Plasma cutter needs a warden.

$39 membership We now have the $49 membership-- $39 memberships that are currently active will not change until the member stops paying for any reason, or they voluntarily change their status.

New Business

Scholarships are discussed briefly.

Roger- needs budgets by Friday So they can be discussed by the board on tuesday.

End 8:08pm

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