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Regular member meeting

August 20, 2013

Chair- Ted Hansen


Maddy Winans

Devon Truscott

Justin T.

Dani V.

Kevin F.

Margaret Lyell

Adrienne Patterson

Greg Smith

Terry Wynn

Steve Nowicki

Dave Scholl

Aaron Greenwell

Mike Fink

Jamie Burdeski

Nathan W.

SArah N.

Matt Oehrlein

T.J. Cook

Nate Bezanson

MAtt Switlik

Patrick Shameoddozz (illegible, sorry)

Brook Banham

James Kurleto

Clayton M.

Ryan B.

Introductions -- Visitors/ New Members

Donnie – wants to come more often, patent lawyer

James – Cranbook institute of science

Brook- Runs a small design firm

Patrick- roduct designer goes to CCS

Presidents Report

Matt O- Someone convinced redbull to come by and drop off a bunch of redbull and they are bringing by a glass refrigerated cooler tomorrow.

Nominations Recap - Finalization of ballot for Elections on 09/3/13

Ted is stepping down as vice president. He goes on about how awesome it is to be on board and officer

nominations are open until the end of toight.

Zone Coordinator updates

Elab—not much we are cleaning up it’s cluttered

Devon- Lasers go pew pew

Compute zone- not much just the junk that is here now most of it can be gone trhough and will disappear soon. Within the week.

Welder—Matt o and roger helped getting the new welder up and running

Kevin – Art lab abundant over flowing our drawers

Woodshop- Greg we published our wood storage guidelines and the work we did at potlock no longer puts anyone’s life at risk.

POwerwheels zone is cleaned up from potlock

Equipment Entry \Forms - Let's do it or don't it and change the Standing Rules to follow our actual practices.

Greg has a rough draft of what he will propose at the next board meeting. This is keeping records of items that are donated or loaned to the space

Archiving is discussed. Being able to reject things that are “donations” to the space,


Ted- There is a company Textron that makes fuel tanks and they want to have a team building event here. Septemeber 4th, 5th and 6th

Nate B- what are they gonna build a team out of?

Ted- they want to build go kart thingamadoos

Discussion of what they require.

Consensus that it is a good idea and events need to be decided upon on a case by case basis.

If Bill gates wants to have a birthday party here for two weeks, we will definitely do that. And Justin Triplett will wear a pink dress

New Business

Ryan B—Nerdy coffee event. How much. What day? This is a good idea, do it.

End 8:09pm