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2013-09-17 I3Detroit Regular Member meeting 7:30pm

Chair Justin Triplett


  • Intros - New Members / Guests
  • Quick general discussion of meeting time
  • Enforcement of sign in sheet for guests
  • Appointment of Secretary
  • Security Camera footage review
  • Election of individuals by the general membership
  • Coordinator Updates
  • New Business

Intros: New Members / Guests

  • Chris. Hi Chris.
    • New to Ferndale
    • Veteran
    • Artist
    • Paper maker
    • Interested in technological art

Meeting Time

Quick general discussion of meeting time

  • Consensus for 7:30 pm meeting time
  • A change would take a vote from board and general membership
  • Original intent in by-laws was to have "doors open at 7:00pm" to allow non-members in. -Matt S.
  • Proposed item for board to remove timestamp from by-laws. -Matt H.
  • No one attending hates the idea of removing time from by-laws

Sign in Sheet

Enforcement of Sign in sheet for guests

  • Currently not enforced very strongly
  • Important to avoid litigation or theft, etc.
  • Review of sign-in sheet process
    • Nate B. pretends to be lost.
    1. No unescorted guests!
    2. Liability form. Fill it out once per guest.
    3. Sign in sheet
      • Fill out for guests once per visit.
      • Sponsor member must stay present or hand off guest to a new sponsor


  • Door person idea: Assign someone to be on door duty. -New Chris
  • Sign out: not currently necessary, but might be a good idea
  • Put a concierge bell by the front so guest can get member attention. -Ken
  • Revive open Fridays

Appointment of Secretary

  • General members elected someone who does not exist(?).
  • Some communication with elected secretary by email, but email address disappeared.
  • Board voted over email and elected this guy ... applause ...
  • Ohai! ~kmbrown314

Security Camera

Security Camera footage review

  • We're being surveiled? Yes.
  • For safety and prosperity.
  • Recordings cannot be viewed without following a process.
  • Process not implemented
  • Incident in woodshop
    • Something was disassembled
    • Camera was viewed to determine what happened

  • Idea: At least two persons from each group must decide that viewing the camera is necessary
    • Group A: Board + Officers
    • Group B: Member elected group
  • Tabled.

Coordinator Updates

  • E-Lab -Nate B.
    • Nothing of note..........that's it.
  • Lazer Cutter: No news is good news -Matt A.
  • Craft room: No news. -Kevin F.
  • Kiln Zone -Terry
    • We can now make drop cast glass bowls
    • Kiln is up an running
    • New expansion to kiln zone up and running by end of September
      • Expanding 48" away from wall
    • Ceramic kiln operational - seeking those with ceramics experience
    • Public kiln class 10/10/13
    • Donation of a glass edge grinder - It needs maintenance, new parts, a table
  • Tree house: Still a tree
  • Wood Shop -Dave S.
    • Getting a tool grinder and Wooden lathe tools
  • Machine Shop
    • The new buffer
      • It's larger than we thought
      • Actually, just a very large belt sander
      • Needs some work
    • Seeking metal drill press, $600 budgeted for it
    • New tools budget - currently under by $750
    • 'Fantastic' Craftsman tool chest donated by Gary Warren
    • Tools organized in steel cage? Not yet.
      • Not yet
      • Shelves to be added
      • Labels to be had
      • Help needed
  • CNC Zone
    • No wood projects, spindle is not fast enough to do a good job
    • Update on new CNC
      • Donation is going forward
      • Current owners recieve their replacement on 10/28/13
      • New CNC going in the corner currently occupied by the Robotics Zone
      • Volunteers needed to move and reorganize shop for CNC-Robotics-Tool Crib area.
  • Compute Zone -Justin T.
    • Software Freedom Day
      • Saturday 9/21/13, 1pm to 7pm
      1. 8GB USB drives with Linux or whatever FOSS, $7 donation
      2. Terreria
        • It's 2D Minecraft, but massive
        • Metroid meets Contra
      3. FPGA stuff
      4. Minecraft bukkit server for Python hacking
      • Volunteers?
      • Don't forget the sign in sheet for participating guests!
  • Welding
  • Tool Crib
  • Fab Lab

New Business

  • Email from Nick B. about Urban sensor hacks from Make Magazine. Seeking representation from big hackerspaces across country. Talk with people who are building stuff. -Matt O.
    • This is a personal invitation from the CEO of Make Magazine to get involved with this. Any one interested in organizing this?
    • Idea: censor network. Bleep out things people say? -New Chris
    • What is a sensor?: temperature, pressure, light, distance, moisture, etc.
    • Idea: Fukushima(sp?) - radiometer sensors used to track people in the area and compared with official sensors. -Terry
    • Who is interested: Max S, Justin T, Mark M, Kevin F, New Chris
  • Roeper School -Matt O.
    • A private K-12 school
    • Looking for someone to come give a talk on creativity or projects done at i3.
    • Slots open at 8:30am on the 3rd Friday of the month in December, January, March, or April.
    • Will pay the individual, your option to donate
    • One time offer
  • North American Sci Fi Convention 2014 -Matt A.
    • Detroit won right to run it at Ren. Center
    • Calling all Exhibits, workshops, demos
    • July 17th to 20th 2014
    • Point of contact: Matt Arnold
  • Ham Radio -Mark M.
    • Antenna needs to go on roof
    • Landlord doesn't want anything on the roof
    • Justin is point of contact
    • Non-penetrating roof mounts not allowed according to Nate B.
    • Stick it to the wall instead?
  • BK Precision -TJ
    • TJ's Zero to 2 Amp power supply departing from E Lab
    • Will return, but date is T.B.D.
  • Art Classes -Kevin F.
    • General call for interest, yes from members present.
    • How do you make a modified budget proposal?
      1. Make a proposal
      2. Submit it to the Board
  • Racing deathmachine at Thunder Drome -Derek
    • Two wheels
    • 55 MPH
    • Velodrome at Mound & Outer Dr.
    • Saturday 9/21 and Sunday
  • Public Glass Casting -Terry
    • October 10 7pm to 9pm
    • Still has slots open
  • Lan Party
    • Point of contact: -Matt S.
    • October 12, 2013
    • Terreria
    • Potentially other games
    • Open to guests

Action Items

  • Konrad Brown: Email to list for electing security camera administrators
  • Chris A: organize Urban Sensor Hacks
  • Nate B: Perfect a functional phaser design for N.A. Sci Fi Convention
  • Justin Triplett: Talk to landlord about putting ham radio antenna on the roof.


  • Justin Triplett
  • Maddy Winans
  • Konrad Brown
  • Matt Oehrlin
  • Brian Wennberg
  • Steve Nowick
  • Mark Miles
  • Aaron Greenwell
  • Margaret Leyell
  • Dave Scholl
  • Chris Arendt
  • Mark Lenigan
  • Kevin Flory
  • Matt Arnold
  • Matt Switlik
  • Matt Huber
  • Ken Buttery
  • Terry Wynn
  • Nate Bezanson


  • Nate Warnick
  • Ed Platt
  • Adrienne Patterson

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