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Chair Justin Triplett


  • Random, existing member goes first. Hi Nate B.
    • E Lab warden
    • Genie's mommy
    • Has an opinion on everything
  • Thomas. Life is a medium, having fun with them.
  • Brad. Makes theater props.
  • Ken. Mech E. works with Matt O. at Eaton


  • Call for Interested Members to Define Instructions/Rules for Use of Carts and wheeled cabinetry. -Terry W.
  • Open meeting for members to come up with ideas about what rules might apply to use of carts or occupying carts in the space
  • How rules might apply for carts belonging to specific zones
  • Are carts just like tables?
  • Happening 7pm Wednesday October 23rd, will last about 30 minutes

Amazon Payments

  • Requires more of your personal information?
    • Not true, paying through CRM or paying initial dues still works the same way.
    • If you go to Amazon directly and then try to pay i3, they try to sign you up for Amazon's service that competes with PayPal

Urban Sensor Hack

  • i3 was invited to participate in a nationwide competition hosted by Make
  • EMI Sensors were made
  • Margaret, Justin and Mark worked on it
  • Report being sent in tomorrow night
  • YouTube video to summarize the project
    • A last minute cool thing to do
    • i3 Detroit Has an official YouTube channel

Cleaning Supply Cabinet / Acid Cabinet

  • It's a chemical disaster in the making -Andrew M.
  • Muriatic acid in there? No good.
    • Looking at a dedicated acids cabinet
    • Want a new cabinet that is similar to the existing cleaning supplies cabinet
    • Possible lead with university surplus warehouses -Matt S.

New Business

Halloween Party

  • October 26th
  • Call for your old decorations
  • Bring them to us on Thursday, 7:00 to 7:30, check the calendar
  • And take them back after the party
  • Sam L has some to bring
  • Max makes Halloween Mason Jars
    • Check it out Friday night (10/18)

Theater Bizarre

  • Tickets are sold out, but they're still looking for volunteers
  • Probably the night shift (till 4 in the morning)
  • Biggest costume party in Detroit
  • Costume has to be self-made

Zone updates

E Lab

  • New components ordered, $120 of stuff coming from China
  • We want the Genie fixed by the time the new CNC machine comes
    • Email posted to list requesting help with the Genie
    • Nate will send out a new update on that email tonight

Fab Lab

  • 40W laser cutter up and running
    • Classes to follow
  • Rostock 3D printer running
  • TODO list on Wiki
    • Basic clean up to extensive modifications
    • Put your name on the list if you want to champion something on the list
    • Fail noisily if you sign up for something and later find you are having trouble completing your task whether due to time or your skill level
    • Ask for help or instruction if you need some.

Craft Zone

  • A blog post made about a class Bob Ross Rob Boss
  • Questions, why are we doing this?
    • Discussion headed to the list
    • Class was for all external people
    • We don't make money off of it - donations did not brake even with costs
    • Cost about $300, we took in about $200

Tree House

  • Candy wrappers littering all over, please use the garbage can that is located by the top of the stairs
  • Pumpkin Carving Contest 10/25
    • 1st 2nd and 3rd place prices
    • Event on Facebook, also Google Calendar
    • 3 Celebrity judges
  • i3 Halloween Party 10/26

Lazer Zone

  • No updates

Wood Shop

  • Router workshop next Wednesday at 7:30pm, on Google Calendar
  • Thickness planer donated
    • About a $300 value
    • Makes a sheet of wood thinner, and parallel, flat surfaces on either face
  • Fab Lab door was remounted to open outward instead of into the Fab Lab
  • Wood engraving with the 40W laser and Photoshop, looks pretty neat

Kiln Zone

  • Glass kiln is up and operational
    • Public class happened last week
    • Member class is coming up soon
    • Glass fusing and jewelry classes to come
  • Ceramics kiln planned to be operational and tested by the end of October
    • Need to do some work with swapping out the temperature controller between kilns, then test it to make sure it doesn't cause a problem

Snack Zone

  • Free snacks, not really.
  • Terry W has taken responsibility for the snacks and beverages in the white fridge and vending machine
  • Repairs planned for the refrigerator
  • Have ideas for different snacks? Email Terry W.
  • Terry is using his Costco membership to get discounted goods
  • Surplus is used to fund i3's presence at Maker Faire, and after party

Machine Shop

  • Drill press
    • Looking for a fairly specific kind
    • Gear headed drill press
    • Contact Brian if you come across one
    • Budget around $600
    • It will take a while to find one at that price point
  • Brian is looking for someone to take over for zone wardenship in the Machine Shop because he is busy with the CNC Zone

CNC Zone

  • Manager at donating company is being "flexible" about the date we will receive the new CNC
  • Maybe happening on October 28th?
  • Clearing of Tool Crib and Robotics Zone will probably start happening Sunday the 20th, before the CNC machine arrives
  • Tool Crib is swapping places with the current CNC Zone
  • Nate B. suggests using the vinyl cutter to spruce up the labels on the Bridgeport logos on the old CNC machine in hopes that it might fetch a better price
  • CNC Lathe
    • Needs a new controller
    • Had a Fanuc controller from late 80's
      • It wasn't very good even when new
    • Looking at a Mach 3 controller
    • Brian wants to keep and use existing connectors on stepper motors
    • Also installing a PC into the cabinet

Tool Crib

  • Coordinatorless
  • Looking for volunteers
  • Do you have a passion for hand tools?

Bike Zone

  • Championed by Jason D.
  • Workbench being repaired on Saturday
  • Probably should paint a phoenix on it or something.
  • Tools will be acquired soon
    • Basic stuff like spoke wrenches, chain breakers, etc.
    • Jason is making a bicycle repair stand

Action Items

  • Transclusion?


  • (star) Maddy Winans
  • (spiral) Maxwell Gonyea-Alexander
  • (square) Matt Oehrlein
  • Greg Smith
  • Terry Wyan
  • (house) Matt Huber
  • Dave Scholl
  • Margaret Lyell
  • Matt Switlick
  • Matt Arnold
  • Reverend Al Greene
  • Thomas Shui
  • Chris Allington
  • Foof
  • Kristoffer Marshall
  • Sam Letvin
  • Aaron Greenwell
  • Bradford Stephens
  • Shelley Mikloski
  • Brian W
  • Mark Miles
  • Devon Truscott
  • Alicia Dewan