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Chair Justin Triplett

Voting Members

  • 51 out of 164 are voting members at the $49 rate


  • Bruce W. - guest visiting, works at Detroit Medical Center. Matt A's Python Professor
  • Paul - HAM radio operator, currently working on airplane landing gear
  • Rob L. - HAM radio operator
  • Thomas
  • Razio A.- Tests materials for MI DOT, working on a CNC machine
  • Brad J. - of www.wikihouse.cc, Working with Detroit Design Festival, wants to propose an open competition
  • Michael
  • Nick P. - Likes couches and atmosphere (good for breathing)

Tree House Paint Job

  • Max wants to paint leaves on the corrugated steel ceiling
  • May need to talk to the landlord
  • Off the record, landlord doesn't care too much
    • But when we leave he has the right to ask us to change it back - According to Matt 0.
  • Responses seem favorable

Zone updates

E Lab

  • China supply order from a month ago has started to show up
  • Things are being restocked
  • Dual pricing idea revisited
    • Higher price for people who want to take items home
    • Lower price for people who show what they do with their project
  • Show and tell? That would be cool

CNC Zone

  • New Haas CNC is here
    • Torq-Cut took 10 months to get it up powered and running
    • Haas already has power
    • Pallet loader needs to be aligned, but that's about it
    • Thanks Alan and Jim
  • Old one, aka the Torq-Cut 22, aka "The Small One" Is still here
    • It's located where it is to make it easier to pick it up with a forklift
    • Electric power is being lined up for the Torq-Cut because it is easier to sell a CNC when potential buyers can see it operate
    • Priced somewhere greater than $10,000
  • New workbench and fastener wall
  • Blue bins need a new better home because they're cluttered on their current shelves
    • Does anyone want to build new shelves?
  • Alan went to a SECO training class and asked the instructor for tooling.
    • A (literal) bucket of new tooling donated, cutters around $600 each.
    • If only we had a bigger bucket, the instructor might have given us more...

Metal Shop

  • Steve B. Co-wardening the metal shop
  • All the CNC crap is out of it, and now around the CNC machine.
  • Miscellaneous Powerwheels car parts are spread throughout the shop need to find a new home.

Injection Modling Zone

  • The small one is working
  • Molds smaller than 3 inches in size
    • Make them on the CNC
  • Goal for big injection molder, operation in next 3 weeks

Welding Zone

  • Hobart welder running again, thanks Nate W. and Matt O.
  • Training class by Jody happening

Lazer Zone

  • Power issues
  • Bed needs to be re-leveled
    • That should be done soon
    • If you're working on a project, try to make it a small one so that things get cut evenly until the bed is leveled

Wood Shop

  • How to use the joiner, planer to make a nice square piece of wood
    • A class in another week or two
    • Look for that on the calendar

Fab Lab

  • Laser cutter is working
    • Class on Wednesday next week, check the calendar
      • a small class because the Fab Lab is small, first come first serve
  • Greg just did his first successful engraving
  • Printrbot is off premises - Matt H improving it, fixing it, making it portable for public events
  • Rostock is working - not portable after a number of attempts - ha ha
  • Protomat CNC Mill
    • Software we have is CircuitCAM3 for Windows 98, ok on XP
    • Newer version works on Windows 7, CircuitCAM4, but hard to get
    • CircuitCAM6 is expensive, but available in infinite 30 day trials via Virtual Machine

Kiln Zone

  • All things operational
  • Kiln 201 Class happened
    • Fusing and Jewelry making
    • Results show and tell
  • Ceramics kiln not working? But you said everything was operational
    • Was supposed to be done by end of October
    • Still needs to be tested
  • New cash donation box being made for people using materials in the cabinet
  • Making a new rack for holding sheet glass - around December or January
  • When you leave a piece of glass in the Kiln Zone you must label the coefficient of expansion
    • Mixing different coefficients of expansion can result in an explosion in the glass kiln

Craft Room

  • No news is good news
  • Joseph Conrad donated a 3Doodler!

Tree House

  • Please don't leave trash up there

Compute Zone

  • iMac going to be updated to latest version of OSX at some point
  • Orientations happen 2nd Wednesday of the month
    • Anyone who wants to know about message boards, website, wiki, CRM, printers, then you should come!
  • WiFi rework?
    • A new SSID: i3Detroit
    • It's the new preferred network
    • Chromecast is on this network now
    • There might be a bug with Cisco hardware and two character SSIDs, e.g. our former SSID "i3"
      • So maybe that's what happened

Tool Crib

  • Still no warden

Bike Zone & Coordinatorship

  • Jason D. is the warden! (yes?)
  • How do you become warden?
    1. Show up to a meeting
    2. Request to be warden
    3. Discuss your vision for the zone
      • Truing stand, bike stand, bringing in tools - Jason
      • Classes, orientation - Jason D.
    4. How much time can you donate to bike zone?
      • Working with co-wardens for busy summer season
    5. Will you be actively rejecting people who are using the bike area for non-bike related things? - Matt O.
      • Not really, especially in the winter when there is less biking - Jason D.
    6. If there are any no objections, then go for it
  • No objections, no member vote needed, Jason D. is warden.

i3 Classes: Goals & Strategy

  • Terry W.
  • What do we want i3 and the public to get out of classes
  • First meeting next Wednesday (11/13/13) 7pm
  • Goal: a proposal to i3 about class guidelines

New Business

Amateur Radio Class

  • Paul, non-member, would need to team up with a member to do the class
  • One member can host 10 guests at once

Halloween Party

  • A success - Maddie W.
  • Thank you everyone
  • Really good turn-out
  • No one used the table saw!


  • Mark Miles would prefer people to switch to the Amazon recurring membership dues payment option if possible
  • It makes the account balances much easier to keep track of.
  • Problems with your i3 payments?
    • Email Ed so he can fix your account problem on a case by case basis
    • Check email list for the relevant thread
  • Mark will be on the road and unavailable for the next two weeks

Stained Glass

  • Where? the craft room
  • Some materials stored outside of craft room
  • Thread started by Kristoff M.

Open Design Competition

  • Next year in Sept at Detroit Design Festival - Brad J.
  • Wikihouse.cc
    • Designed an open source CNC plan that can be used to build house
  • Looking at that, wanted to encourage more open design
  • Festival wants to encourage local designers
  • What is it?
    • Competition open to anyone, designs must be open source!
    • Phase 0: People submit designs through their hackerspace
      • Anyone from the public can enter
      • People from the public would either need to be sponsored as guests or given an i3 scholarship for 1 month
    • Phase I: Fellows are chosen based on their design
    • Phase II: Fellows have one month to be sponsored by their hackerspace in producing the design
      • Materials funding is a question at this point, may be funded by hackerspace, but ideally funded by competition.
      • At a minimum the hackerspaces will provide their fellows with mentoring
    • Phase III (September 2014): Judging at the Detroit Design Festival
    • Different categories of grading
      1. Utility
      2. Aesthetics
      3. Replicability
      4. Documentation
      5. A measure of original creation will be required, not just a quick hack of existing open source designs
      • The exact criteria are being worked out
    • Competition will definitely funded for the prizes
    • Right now asking if this sounds like a cool idea
  • What do we get out of it?
    • Supporting open design
    • The competition will be fundrasing for the fellows in terms of prizes and the materials
    • Recognition for i3, supports non-profit purpose of i3
    • Competition with other hackerspaces

Action Items

  • cat * > /dev/null


  • Justin Triplett
  • Konrad Brown
  • Amelia Meyer
  • Matthew Gardeski
  • Al Schwartz
  • Jeff Bannow
  • Nick Parrett
  • Joe Zakey
  • Steve Brook
  • Brad Jensen
  • Matt Huber
  • Rob Lifton
  • Terry Wynn
  • Chris Prout
  • Steve Nowicki
  • Paul Deathos
  • Greg Smith
  • Matt Arnold
  • Bruce Webber
  • Brian Wennberg
  • James Kemp
  • Dave Scholl
  • Nathan Warnick
  • Adrienne Patterson
  • Chris Allington
  • Maddy Winans
  • Matt Oehrlein