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Chair Justin Triplett

Action Item Review


Jim from Cincinnati Hackerspace

Joe Bender has been gone for a long time, we are glad he is back!





Matt O.- I am going to do something different. at the beginning of every month i am going to give a little update on how our metrics are going.

Matt goes over his presentation "December 2013 Metrics Update"

Website visitors, Bounce Rate, 3207 visitors in September, Reach is a metric of how many people our brand is reaching out to, people viewing our page because of someone who has tagged i3 thru facebook.

We went in the wrong direction for the month of November. Our goal by Sept 1, 2014 -- 7992 i3Detroit.org vixitors, 796 Facebook average reach.

everyone checks in on facebook. Except for NAte B. Because he does not have a facebook.

Zone updates

Kiln Zone

Terry W. The glass kiln is operational and the ceramics kiln is now fully operational!

Snack Zone

A lot went away over the thanksgiving weekend.

Tree House

There, good, hooray. Paint Job on the ceiling, Max needs help. Baby wipes needed.

Lazer Zone

Devon T. Has nothing new to report

Wood Shop

Greg does awesome stuff for us like always.

E Lab

Nate B. a bunch of motor controllers voltage adapters got on Black friday. Black cart-- it's roger's cart, and he was going to make it into a PC cart, and now it is one.

Fab Lab


Craft Room

Kevin-- any further news about the new computer embroidery machine. It's on it's way maybe. Kevin is going to talk to himself about the drawing table

Metal Shop

Tomorrow afternoon extracting Steel from dangerous places.

Welding Zone

Compute Zone

nothing new

CNC Zone

no new news;

Tool Crib

Bike Zone

Jason D-- Next March, 27th - 2=30th is north american bike expo at cobo hall. Any interest? yes-- more info needed

Cart Committee

Terry W-- sometimes we don't have carts for certain locations. Projects are left drying on it, and carts are not available for their proper use. We have 6 carts Handout each cart has been given a location. This is a proposal of where the carts should live.

Nate B thinks this is a bad idea and that the carts should just be treated the same as the tables.

There are many strong feelings about where the trophy case should be placed!

This has been tabled until the next board meeting

Scholarship Reboot

Jamie wants to reboot the scholarship program! This would give financial assistance to needy makers. Brand recognition, it will solidify us giving back to the community and promote cool projects and promote them as the scholarship program. Jamie is actively working on this and will bring it up at the board meeting next week. Blog post idea.

Spray Paint booth

Would anyone else like a spray paint booth. Some people want one.

[A member] has one! Runs $400

discussion about spray paint booths, sizes and different kinds. Ventilation and stuff.

Someone needs to design a collapsible booth.

Spray paint team will be made after the meeting.

PotLock Items

Saturday! Hooray! We love PotLock. We Will lock you in until the space is nice and clean and awesome. Food and Booze and hands! If you want hacker cred, come to this. we are eating first this time.

Paint on Drill Bits for Metal shop-- General organization of metal shop tools Door -- put some new Vinyl on the glass with our address Build shelving for blue bins rehang bench in Electronics lab to support more radios Fix Air Leaks in all the wrong places Winterize the roof vents


White Board in Fab Lab Cameras-- we need new hipster photos on hackerspaces.org Lubricate the Genie Column

Kevin- Since we've got the embroidery machine on the way-- need a plan for a new bench in the craft room...sounds like a potlock task

New Business

Swit- Beagle bone black; starting a thread talking to Jason about getting some more Beaglebones before the holidays.

END 8:44pm


  • Justin Triplett
  • Brian W.
  • Maddy W.
  • F00f
  • Adrienne
  • Jason Dudycha
  • Steve Brook
  • Bruce Webber
  • Halley Miglietta
  • Meghan Fortune
  • Rob Lyfton
  • Kevin Flory
  • Jesus DeGrandchamp
  • Matt Oehrlein
  • Matthew Arnold
  • Joe Bender
  • Garry Stahl
  • Max Gonyea-Alexander
  • Matt Huber
  • Mike Fink