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Chair Justin Triplett

Action Item Review

  • Justin T. - Make a financial and a membership report
  • Terry W, Jody R. - Kiln and Welding Zone Coordinators figure out feasibility of large project area
    • defer to First Tuesday in March Meeting.


  • Brian and Mark - thinks i3 is cool, likes operating systems
  • Mark M. - Local, works for a used robot refurbishing company, found i3 through Jim Kemp
  • Joseph B. - Going to Wayne State. Found i3 through a friend at AHA.
  • Brian M. - His company donated the Haas, he's been to i3 before.

Show and Tell

3D Milling on the Haas

  • G-Code made using Aspire (sp?) CAM software
  • A few bugs in the software made a defect, but it's mostly pretty awesome
  • It looks kind of like the bird symbol thing from Hunger Games

Miniature 3D Printed Flame

  • Made out of PET plastic, same as what is used to make water bottles
  • Fits on top of an LED

Matt S's Robot

  • New and improved
  • Now has USB WiFi and a USB hub
  • Has a web cam on the robot
  • Blue and red glowey lights.
  • Code is on GitHub
  • Mocked up in SketchUp
  • Cut on the laser
    • SketchUp to laser cutter class coming soon

Homemade ARM-based Sandbox

  • Gyro
  • Pressure sensor
  • Bluetooth
  • Lots of things

New Business

Fireworks order/delivery

Amelia Meyer

  • http://store.wfboom.com/index.php?p=catalog&parent=1&pg=1
  • Scott Elliott is running a group buy, which needs to be placed by the end of February.
  • 40% discount on the order which is already significantly cheaper than local prices.
  • If you do not want a full case of product, split cases are available if others also want to split--there are already some splits available
  • Shipping costs typically $10/case, split across the order based on individual totals
  • Delivery in mid-June.
  • Order will likely be on a pallet or two, Scott would like to request i3's assistance (or, rather, i3's loading dock) for delivery
  • Pallet(s) would be around for a few days to a week as the orders are split up.
  • Scott will be unable to join as a member before the order.
    • Wants to know if we can accept a delivery.
    • Delivery to here is ok, but we can't distribute it out to different people because of fire codes - Greg S.
    • Our building is not rated for storing fireworks - Against national fire code - Devon T.
    • We want the recipient to be present when the delivery arrives
    • Discussion moving to email list

BitTorrent Sync class

Amelia Meyer

  • Friday 7pm - 8pm
  • Informational class on using BitTorrent Sync
    • Seems to be a lot of confusion about how to use it, trying to clear up
    • This will be used to store i3 documents
    • It's a well

Troop 188 Visit, Feb. 24th

Amelia Meyer

  • Monday Feb 24th at 6:30pm to 9:00 pm
  • Bumblebee, Rostock Max will be occupied for a significant portion of that time

Ferndale Public Library Talk

Matt O.

  • Matt is doing a presentation on hacker spaces and i3
  • Seeking cool stories from members to add to his presentation
  • "'These are people whose lives have been positively affected by i3.' That would be nice"
  • Seeking projects from members that he can talk about
  • Audience will be mostly local artists

Documenting projects

  • Sharing projects on the wiki? Use the Twitter Bot as an example


  • Matt A.
  • PenguiCamp.com
  • Write Python web development to help run Penguicon
  • March 1nd and 2nd

Astronomy Show and Swap

  • March 15th
  • 6 Mile and Miraman, in Livonia


  • Dayton, OH
  • May 17th Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • There will be carpools - Nate B.
  • I3 bus charter???

How to Contact People

  • If you find a missed delivery slip at i3, try one of these
    • Look up the person by looking them on the CRM
    • Pass the slip to an officer and ask for their help
    • Put the pass on the inside of the door

Zone updates

CNC Zone

  • T-Slot pallet is complete and ready for use.
  • Open CNC night is this Thursday

Fab Lab

  • 3D printer class tonight, already full. ;-P
    • It's over booked 6/4
    • Another will be coming it in the next few weeks
  • Training is not required, but Andrew requests that someone who knows how to use it is present when you start

Kiln Zone

  • All systems UP 100% in Jan.
  • New glass storage.
  • New storage shelf.
  • March Glass Casting Class.
  • Ceramics Material In House.
  • Glass Grinder has a new grinder wheel

Wood Shop

  • Contribution boxes done for tool crib!
  • Contributions for material used
    • If you use screws or a piece of 2" x 4" make sure to contribute to the zone funds to help keep us stocked

Craft Zone

  • Husqvarna is ready for lessons!
    • Stop by on Thursday or Sunday for lessons
    • It's on the calendar

Action Items

  • Justin T. - Make a financial and a membership report on 3rd Tuesday Meeting
  • Terry W, Jody R. - Kiln and Welding Zone Coordinators figure out feasibility of large project area

Meeting Completed at 8:14PM, 28 in attendance


  • Justin Triplett
  • Madalyn Winans
  • Maxwell Gonyea Alexander
  • Mark Metcalf
  • Brian McKenzie
  • Joseph W. Baumann
  • Mark Amonf
  • Rob Lifton
  • Matt Huber
  • Adrienne Patterson
  • Konrad Brown
  • Greg Smith
  • Steve Nowicki
  • Brian McPherson
  • Devon Truscott
  • Matt Oehrlein
  • Matt Arnold
  • Bruce Webber
  • Ryan Busch
  • Sam Letvin
  • Kevin Flory
  • Jamie Burdeski
  • Mike Fink
  • Matt SwiTlik
  • Nathaniel Bezanson
  • Evan Allen
  • Chris Prout
  • TJ Cook