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Chair Justin Triplett


Kevin Flory-- Old hat doesn't know engineering.

The internet is no one's friend

Devon -- O board of directors and laser zone warden-- Great beard.

Ken is here to take over the world, mechanic engineering. Valve springs and needs heavy tools. Electric Bikes. TEch stop Ex. interested in metal lathe.

Brian joined last week

Aaron heard about us online on hack-a-day. Hazel park art fair board of directors.

Tyler is lawyer by trade-- woodworker gunsmith type dude.

Action Item Review

Show and Tell

New Business

Grant Opportunity: Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan

  • Matt O. - The Akron Ohio Hackerspace got 15k grant through their community something foundation. There's foundations that just want to give away. I got to thinking that maybe there was a foundation like that for us.

Nate B is appreciative of Matt taking the initiative. They almost hug, but keep their composure for the good of the membership.

New Business

  • Justin Triplett

Coordinators-- what does it meant o be a Zone warden? How much Trust

Marie- Review of bylaws most people began putting in their own money. We want to balance the motivation of wardens, and using groups funds for the good of the group.

the idea is to have wardens elected every year. Or some sort of yearly review with the wardens.

If you have ideas or strong opinions-- talk to Marie. She will be putting together a motion for the next meeting.

Nate B Expresses what we have done in the past. He agrees that something needs to be done.

Terry asks if there will be some sort of "job description" for Coordinators.

Less rules are good!

Knox Box / Shop Safety

  • Devon T.
  • Investing in a KNox Pox Secure Entry system
  • Placarding Safety Information
  • Secure box that goes outside by the door. If the fire dept needs to get in or police for any reason it will be in this box.

Cost range $100-$500. The one we are looking at is $100-$200

Terry thinks we should split cost with b nektar.

We also are thinking about putting emergency contact information around the space so people have quick reference.

Fire marshall has to sign off on it.

Harassment Policy Review

Within the past few months we have had a few incidents. We wanted to remind everyone of the harassment policy that we do take seriously. If at any time any one feels uncomfortable please contact the board immediately. We want to keep out the negative.

Socalization is OK, and it is OK to tell people you are not here to socialize.

Zone updates

Bike Zone

CNC Zone

Compute Zone

Craft Room

E Lab

Fab Lab

Kiln Zone

  • Terry W
  • Kiln Zone E-X-P-A-N-D-E-D for additional materials/tools for ceramics.
  • Glass casting class Mar 19.
  • KilnZone UP 100% in Feb.
  • New Display Case planned.

Laser Zone

  • Andrew meyer and a posse of people have been in the process of adding new ducting for the laser cutter. hopefully next weekend it will be done.

Metal Shop

Tool Crib

Tree House

  • Looks awesome! Max Rules! Gonna Paint the ceiling! Betty is a real lamp! Gotta slap the Xbox Around to get the tray to come out...much Like Devon


New member that wants to get it running, there's gonna be cool new ducting. Something about a waterbed (WOOW). New plan for the bridgeport-- gonna go back on Craigslist. Gotta get the sumbitch outta here!

Welding Zone

Wood Shop

Action Items

      • Devon sneezes***


  • Marie-Therese Enga
  • Madalyn Winans
  • Devon Truscott
  • Adrienne Patterson
  • Mt. Fugi
  • Matt huber
  • Steve Nowicki
  • Lucas DelCastillo
  • Jaron Punkard
  • Joseph Bowmann
  • Matthew Oehrlein
  • Dave Scholl
  • Terry Wynn
  • Maxwell Gonyea-Alexander
  • Ken Signer
  • Kevin Flory
  • Brian Donahugue
  • Tyler
  • Adrienne Johnson
  • Jamie Burdeski
  • Mike

  • Justin Triplett