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Chair Justin Triplett

  • i3Birthday
  • 5 years old
  • No it's not
  • Yes it is
  • Founders are arguing, no one cares


  • Kevin - Art zone warden. Obvious, he's the guy with all the paint
  • Ted - Who am I? I am Ted. Ted's evil brother who doesn't read his email. Makes power wheels and robots. Ask him about anything.
  • Steve - A new one. Call him Yozo. Sysadmin by trade, but came here to do wood working. Knows Kalika.
  • Victor - Sysadmin by trade, likes wood working, metal working, concrete, electronics. Found us through friends and the website.
  • Kyra (sp?) -
  • Rishad (sp?) - returning, knows Ted and Big Nate, works on computers.
    • He's the first member to pay dues to i3 since the very beginning

Action Item Review

  • Devon sneezes
    • A lot

Show and Tell

New Business

March 31 Budget Report

Point of Contact: Terry W

Bank Balances 7/31/13 3/8/14 3/31/14
Emergency Fund $5,009 $5,010 $5,010
General Fund $10,441 $16,781 $17,333
Laser Fund $1,529
Vinyl Fund $0

Exec Summary: All accounting is current. The transition is over. Financial Fitness Grade : B+

April and May should be normal months and give us some normal data to analyze. I expect the bank balance to dip over the next two months as pent up spending hits the books. Utilities/BNektar adjustments should hit in April books.

March 31.2014 Report Spreadsheet (pdf) and a full report are in i3 Data Vault, Admin/Budget folder.

Three cheers for Budget Drone! (applause)

Amazon Smile

Point of Contact: Terry W

  • AmazonSmile. i3Detroit is now signed up as a receiving charity.
  • 0.5% of all purchases.
  • To shop at AmazonSmile simply go to smile.amazon.com
  • No different than normal Amazon shopping.
  • No charge to buyer.
  • i3 receives money 45 days after end of quarter.
  • Someone will post about this on Facebook to encourage more people to support i3 through Amazon Smile

Movie Night

  • Was a great success
  • Large screen made from m a gigantic white sheet of fabric

  • Old VGA projector is missing - we have 2 of the same kind, like the one that is kept under the tree house
    • Please let Nate B know if you know what happened to it

Key Deactivation

  • Former member keys are mostly deactivated
  • A few left to handle
  • 90 at $49 level
  • 65 Grandfathered in at $39
  • If someone comes in and their key is deactivated, don't just let them in. Sign them in as a guest. Tell them to check their email to see if they have been delinquent on their dues.
  • Make sure if someone says their leaving that their CRM settings match what they said

Sun-setting Grandfathered Dues Rate

  • It's been about 7 months since we started the new membership rate
  • Let's clear up the former member deactivation first, so we will know who is still at the grandfathered rate

Zone updates

Compute Zone

  • Has a laptop
    • Documentation is going on the wiki
    • Use it in the space
    • Ask wardens if you need to remove it from the space
  • Compute zone is now using burgundy to label things

Fab Lab

Point of contact: Amelia Meyer

  • Broken Full Spectrum laser, investigating replacement component
    • Focus stage screw has been stripped.
    • People are over tightening it
    • Andrew is seeking replacement from FullSpectrum
  • Take the correct training for the laser you want to use, so ask somebody that can help you
    • There is a list of qualified trainers on the wiki pages for the lasers
    • Bumblebee has a list on the wall of qualified trainers

Laser Zone

  • New ventilation
    • We can now cut stuff like leather without it smelling bad
    • Cut ABS without releasing cyanide into the space - WAIT! not yet, we're going to do some safety testing first
  • Make sure to open the ventilation gates on Bumblebee or Wolverine depending on which one you're using and close the one you're not using.

Kiln Zone

Point of Contact: Terry W

  • Held Glass Casting class
    • In March, went well
  • Preparing Ceramics Class
  • Every thing is operation in the zone
  • Glass Fusing Class on April 16
  • Extra the new space in the zone is nice
  • Some had difficulty with the vacuum former
    • There is printed documentation
    • Wiki documentation needs to be updated

Vinyl Zone

  • Has burgundy now

Action Items

  • Post on Facebook about Amazon Smile

Meeting Accomplished

  • Meeting completed at 8:05 PM
  • 16 people present


  • Konrad Brown
  • Marie Therese
  • Adrienne Patterson
  • Justin Triplett
  • Madalyn Winans
  • Matt Huber
  • Nathan Bezanson
  • Amelia Meyer
  • Matt Oehrlein
  • Max Maxwell
  • Viktor Bludov
  • Steven Marlow (Yozo)
  • Steve Nowicki
  • Kevin Flory
  • Margaret Lyell