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Chair Justin Triplett


  • We have a new member from Windsor. I3 is now international!
  • Other intros lost to computer power problems :(

Action Item Review

  • None to review

Show and Tell

  • Jamie wants to show off her lamp more because why not
  • i3 Mug - Terry W
    • Using CNC to cut wax
    • Slip casting
    • Making porcelain mugs in a few weeks

New Business

Coordinator Proposal

Point of Contact: Marie-Therese

  • How can we decide what the powers of a warden are until we define what they are, how they are appointed and where they get their power comes from?
  • We have had some problems on both side of the issue where people take action with no backing, or they are elected and take no action
  • Coordinators initially didn't have any money or authority to handle their zone. Authority was entirely social, as a point of contact to advocate for the zone
    • Over time they have taken more responsibility to handle donation boxes, stock supplies

  • Hard election date gives us a reminder to think about who should be wardens, and offsets the warden election from board elections
  • Special elections may still be held at any time according to proposal

Changes to items 2 and 4

Floor Plan, Coordinators, and Zones

  1. (No Change)
  2. Coordinators shall be elected by vote of general membership held the first meeting in March. Special elections can be called at any regularly scheduled general member meeting to fill vacancies or if called for by a vote of the general membership. These votes shall follow voting rules as laid out in Article 4 of the bylaws "Meetings of Members."
  3. (No Change)
  4. Coordinators have final say in governing their zone and are responsible for making their rules known to members and guests. Zones may have multiple wardens as long as those wardens act in agreement as one and run together during an election.

Option 1

Don't change anything the world is perfect.

Option 2

Coordinators are officers, let the board appoint them.

  • Appointing by the board makes wardens like a committee chair
  • Board or officer appointed wardens may allow quicker appointment than requiring

Option 3

They are something else....The membership should elect them.

  • Holding members responsibility for election dilutes the responsibility

Details will be posted to mailing list before meeting.

Management of Zone Funds

  • An important, somewhat related issue
  • Has a decision been made on how money boxes will be handled by zone wardens
  • Zones are currently running as they have before - independent of any official record keeping
  • No explicit definition has been made yet
  • Election by the members or the board allows wardens the trust needed for them to manage the money in their zone donation boxes

April 30 Budget Report

Point of Contact: Terry W

Bank Balances 7/31/13 3/31/14 4/30/14
Emergency Fund $5,009 $5,010 $5,011
General Fund $10,441 $17,333 $14,961
Laser Fund $1,958
Vinyl Fund $0

Exec Summary: All accounting is current. Financial Fitness Grade : B

Our April dues didn't grow as much as they should have with 7 new members. May dues should give more data. Our monthly overhead expenses run about $3600 (after BNektar payment).

The first Utilities/BNektar payments ($677) hit in April books.

April 30.2014 Report Spreadsheet (pdf) and a full report are in i3 Data Vault, Admin/Budget folder.

Membership Sign Up

  • Point of contact: Max G-A
  • New membership process
  • Photo ID checks
  • Recommended 3 visits to i3 before they become members to encourage people to see if i3 is a good fit for them
  • Have a Google account to facilitate use of Google Groups
    • At least sign up for public group before coming to sign-up
  • Member posts with a photo of the new member
  • Chris says it went really quickly and easier for him
  • Sending members to Compute Zone orientation

Chair of the Board

  • Point of Kontact: Konrad B
  • Marie was elected by the board to become the Chair of the Board
  • She will now be leading the board meetings
  • Planning to use Robert's rules
  • Take the time to read the agenda if you arrive at 7, meeting actually starts at 7:30
  • Thanks Marie!

i3 Presence at Conventions

  • Point of Contact: Jamie
  • We weren't very well-represented as a group at Penguicon, except for Roger helping AHA with the AHA/i3 soldering kits (yay Roger!)
  • Do we want to go to Detcon1?
  • What are our goals for being at conventions? Education, Increasing membership or improving public perception?
  • There was a small Makerspace at Penguicon hosted by AHA
  • No official i3 presence at Penguicon
  • Detcon1 coming up in July 17-20th
    • A Detcon representative wanted i3 to have a presence there
    • This would be a good continuation of the work that Matt has done as president
    • This fits well with things we could do to get more name recognition and prestige
    • This is the weekend before Maker Faire
  • At Penguicon there are panels and booths
    • The makerspace at Penguicon was very effective, that might be better than having a plain booth
    • We have a howto on how to make an i3 event
    • We don't have a howto on how to have an i3 presence at an event

Makers Faire

  • We don't have much organization, this is much in-line with some of the questions that Jamie was asking
  • Much of the responsibility for organizing this has fallen on the President and to those he delegates the work
  • Teams ?
  • Who needs help
  • Individuals or i3 group

Red Bull Creation

  • Dates: July 8th to July 12th
  • [creation.redbull.usa.com creation.redbull.usa.com]
  • No info on qualifier yet
  • In the Lincoln Art Park this year
  • Looking for hype building promotional displays that they can trailer to bars
    • Asking i3 for projects that we could de-mothball for them to use
    • They can pay us for
    • Matt responded with 5 items $1500-$5000 to cover costs to de-mothball, a month of rental, and for people's time
      1. Squiggle trike
      2. Rainbowtron
      3. Mind Flame
      4. Laminar Fountain
      5. Chronotune?
  • Looking for hideable tokens or signs that they could place around the city to build up hype for the event

Zone updates

Bike Zone

  • Contacting companies for donations
  • Asking for any bicycle tools that anyone is willing to bring to i3
  • i3 Alley Cat race coming up this summer

CNC Zone

Point of Contact: Brian W.

  • The next Open CNC Night is May 15th.
  • Sherline CNC Mill
    • 95% operational
    • Equipment page to be created shortly
    • Should be ready for approved member use by the end of next week
    • A short safety/introduction class is all that is needed to use the machine
    • Contact Brian W. if you are interested in using it
  • CNC Plasma downdraft
    • Blower fan purchased
    • Working on getting the steel
  • Sale of the Torq-Cut CNC
    • Had 3 interested parties, but all seem to have dried up
    • If we don't get something going soon it will be off to the auction for the thing

Compute Zone

  • Color printer is down :( (Marie-Therese)
  • Paper sheets were cemented to themselves to the roller
  • This printer belongs to Roger so ask him before trying to fix it!

E Lab

  • New (to us) label printer! Blame/thank Evan for the hardware, Matt Gardeski for the labels/printserver.
  • New (and legible!) labels on everything! All credit to Gardeski for that one.
  • The very last microUSB cable vanished from the Elenco PSU. Okay, I'm ordering a hundred more.
  • New battery holders are here, don't solder directly to batteries

Fab Lab

Point of Contact: Amelia Meyer

  • Full Spectrum laser engraver operational again
  • Rostock MAX still needs work
    • Thermistor(s) need to be ordered and replaced (thermocouple upgrade?)
    • Full mechanical calibration needed from firmware update
    • Thermal calibrations needed once thermistors are replaced
  • Thermark is in, not available for use until a proper funding method is determined
    • $145 / 250 grams

Kiln Zone

Point of Contact: Terry W

  • Held Glass Fusing/Jewelry class in April, went well
  • Preparing Ceramics Class
  • 100% UP Time for April.
  • Some maintenance for Kiln #1 in summer planned.
    • Dome is collapsing, and needs some reinforcement coming up in July

Metal Shop

Point of Contact: Brian W.

  • Manual Mill and Lathe safety class
    • Going to be scheduled for May 17th from 2pm - 4pm
    • Will cover the information you need to start using the machines
    • Calendar entry will be posted within a day or 2

Action Items

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:45 PM
  • Attendees: 36


  • Madalyn Winans
  • Marie Therese
  • Adrienne Patterson
  • Tom Kim
  • Matt Oehrlein
  • Kevin FLory
  • Matt Gardeski
  • Charlie Senga
  • Amelia Meyer
  • Steve Nowicki
  • GReg Smith
  • David Scholl
  • Matt Huber
  • Joseph W. Banmann
  • Terry Wynn
  • Joe Zakar
  • Jason Dudycha
  • Konrad Brown
  • Brain McPherson
  • Bruce Webber
  • Nate Bezanson
  • Mike Fink
  • Jamie Burdeski
  • Thomas Shui***
  • Maxwell Geonyea-Alexander
  • Adrienne Johnson
  • Nathan Warnick
  • Sean Denny
  • Chris Boninsky
  • Lucas DeKastillo
  • Rashad Williams
  • Christina Bergshom
  • Steve Beiter
  • Ted Hanson
  • Viktor Bludov
  • Richard Prokopyshen