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Chair Justin Triplett


  • Maddy winans
  • Maxwell Gonyea
  • Jacob Rau (Visitor)
  • Dillard White III (visitor)
  • Marie Therese
  • Devon Truscott
  • Richard Fruehler (Visitor)
  • Justin Triplett
  • Adrienne Patterson
  • Jamie Burdeski
  • Greg Smith
  • Mike Fink
  • Matt Huber
  • Terry Wynn
  • Jason Dudchya
  • Matt Switlik
  • Kevin Flory
  • Matthew Gardeski
  • Dave Scholl

16 General Members in attendance


Someone old hat want to intro himself.

Kevin is an old Hat-- he is the craft room warden and paints a bunch. Hurrah!

Richard is a new hat-- and from Canada! ABOOT. He thinks we are incredible! Aww thanks Richard. something about cowboy boots and keystone and excel.

Jacob is from Michigan Tech-- he heard about us by looking for a geeky group. He works for Ford.

Dillard is from Troy. He does metalworking. His boss told him about us. His boss does metal working in Pontiac

Action Item Review

HOWTO Represent i3 at an Event

She made a bare bones type of thing-- she needs help expanding on the page. Wine and wiki editing on Wednesday.

Bridgeport CNC Status

  • Point of contact: Brian W
  • Hopefully out of the space by the Maker Faire after-party

Does anyone know if this is leaving? Current asking price is 15k.

Can we move this if we don't sell it?

Should we mandate a date that it needs to leave?

We need to find out from Brian.

Nate B. is going to be in touch with Brian W.

Show and Tell

Something about a NASA capsule at hamvention... it would not fit in Nate's car. Sadface.

Kevin made a painting of Nate B and it's Amazing!!!

Max is talking about Konrad's T-shirt thing. wax paper and a squeegee. Looks cool!

New Business

Coordinators: Official Designation

  • Point of contact: Greg S
  • Motion 1, Move to Select Proposal 1 or 2 highest vote count wins*
  • Motion 2, Move to approval winner of first vote as change to standing rules*

Greg Smith-- it's been posted for a couple of months, the process is to have motion 1

Moves to select option 1 or 2

Second motion is to approve or disapprove the winner.

Greg Reads the options [available on the list-- enter here]

Annually-- should be before budget is finalized.

ice cream music is heard in the distance...no one flinches

Terry suggests within 30 days within seating of the new board.

Marie second's for a motion to chose 1 or 2

2 vote option 1 12 vote option 2 2 Abstain

2nd motion is seconded by Nate B.

9 are in favor of adopting policy voted on in motion 1 7 abstain

2nd motion passes and is adopted (board members in charge of appointing wardens)

General members share their opinions-- money when will new wardens be voted in etc.

Call for Maker Faire Projects

  • Point of contact: Konrad & Brodie
  • Go here and sign up your project!
  • Does anyone at the meeting have any projects in mind? Discuss and get excited!
  • Possible projects in the works (Konrad's suggestions):
    • Traffic Light Music Visualizer - Konrad
    • Mad Lib Puppet Show - Adrienne & Brodie
    • Over Engineering Light - Any takers?
    • Elliptical Planet Orrery - Marie and Konrad
    • 2D Rubens Tube - Joseph Baumann ?
    • Spiderweb Lamp - Jamie Burdeski ?
    • Mind Flame - Marie
    • Robot Knife Fight - Matt Switlik
    • Members' artwork
    • Holographs ?

Motion to make Konrad and Maddy dually are in charge of budget for maker faire

Nate B. seconds

Overall majority votes yes.

Motion Passes

Red Bull Creation Challenge

  • Point of contact: Konrad B
  • A reiteration of Eric Merrill's email regarding Red Bull
  • When is good for Red Bull Creation teams
  • Team registration for qualifier begins May 21st THAT'S TOMORROW!!!
  • Interested people should meet after the member's meeting and report happenings to the Google groups thread
  • The qualifier concept will not consist of a custom piece of hardware, in fact you don't even have to build anything this time around. This year's qualifier will be focused on problem-solving and pure ideation.
  • Final competition is happening July 8th to 12th in Detroit

Will follow up with Konrad to make sure he is pressing the button - Bordie will do this

Will make Motion at next meeting to allocate funds to Konrad for Redbull- This is $1000.

Zone updates

Bike Zone

CNC Zone

  • Ask status on plasma CNC ventilation system expenditures and installation

Brian W. is not in attendance.

Compute Zone

Craft Room

E Lab

De-soldering thing is here-- woo!

Fab Lab

Andy has been crazy at work-- some interest in getting the rostock up and running.

Kiln Zone

  • Needs to add inventory for adding ceramics functions to the kiln zone. Needs Dontations i you are interested in seeing the kiln zone expand

Laser Zone

Point of Contact: Devon T.

  • Inquiry to additional information to the damage on Bumblebee.

Sadface! Janked up locks on laser access hatch. If you have any information please contact Devon, we just want to find how to prevent this from happening again.

There will be a public thread asking about the incident (very nicely) How can we prevent this from happening in the future.

Someone may have tried to open it with a different key.

Devon doesn't think so.

Camera system is difficult to work with. Devon explains that it took about 2 1/2 hours to view stuff...there's no way to export it anywhere.

camera policy might prohibit exporting this to anywhere else?

Opinions are shared about confidentiality and importance of surveillance.

Marie is awesome and pulls up the actual writing of the policy.

Viewers can tell anyone who is shoulder surfing to Bugg-off.

Metal Shop

Tool Crib

Tree House

Vinyl Zone

Welding Zone

Wood Shop

  • Rearrangements and posting news*

Some rearrangements has happened to free-up some space on the north end. Hurrray New Blades on all of the saws!

Action Items

new business

Swit says something about zapping dice. BOYlaptop and stuff. He did a cool thing at penguicon and wants to do it here too. Neat!


Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed:
  • Funds appropriated:
  • Attendees:


  • Justin Triplett