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Chair Justin Triplett


  • 4 new people - interested in electronics, art, woodworking
  • Gary M. - Hasn't been here for a while, spent the winter in Florida, fixing his lawn cart, does woodwork, metal work, and Arduino
  • Matt Huber - has Ham license, does Power Racing Series with a fast car! does

Action Item Review

Show and Tell

Laser Cutting

  • Joseph is a chemist
  • Made some custom shelving for vacuum gauge equipment

48" Vernier Caliper

  • Andrew M. - has it
  • Some guy came by and wanted to get rid of it
  • Metal shop can use it
  • It's worth some money that the space could use, or do we want to keep it?

New Business

i3MotorSports Update

  • Point of contact: Matt Huber
  • New i3MotorSports SIG Created
  • PowerWheels build time
  • MakerFaire Powerwheels Marshalls needed
  • Meetings were scheduled for Sunday afternoons, but no one who said they would be free could come
  • Car needs to get built up and running to represent a tradition at i3
  • Possibly get a second car going too
  • Email Matt H. if you are interested

Red Bull Creation

  • Point of contact: Konrad B.
  • Stuff needs to get done
  • We need a team leader
  • Event happening Tuesday July 8th to Saturday 12th
  • Happening here in Detroit at the Lincoln Art Park
  • Marie might be able to be team leader

Kitchen Door

  • Point of contact: Konrad B.
  • New, robust pulley system with chain
  • Now with more cowbell
  • There's also a working mechanical iris
  • We might take the iris to Maker Faire - Andrew M

Maker Faire 2014 Update

  • Point of Contact: Maddy Winans
  • Entries due by June 6th --FRIDAY.
  • Maddy will help sign you up
  • Maker Faire After party funds, are these different than Maker Faire general funds?
    • $500 is available for Maker Faire logistics
    • $1000 for the after party as a separate budget item plus some from the pop fund
  • Maker Faire fliers are available to pass out

Sign Committee

  • Point of Contact: Not Jamie.
  • Someone should take on the task of understanding the Code and contacting the city, just to touch base.
  • That someone should be able to entertain the numerous ideas and figure out which ones are legal and practical.
  • That someone should, possibly before the above steps, consider bringing the subject up at a meeting and getting committee status for it, which would make the single-effort thing official, among other benefits like easier budgeting.
  • All the rest of us should kindly refrain from bikeshedding unless someone actually doing something asks for our input.
  • Check out the Sign Committee page for more discussion
  • Greg S. volunteer lead the sign committee
  • The current banner looks bad, but we might have a second one
    • Nope, the second one is the one we have right now, looks really bad
  • Nate B. knows where we had them made last time (That would be Signazon.)
  • A guest says Modern Sign Studio, contact Douglas Christie, he's off of Woodward Heights

Marigolds and Mosquitoes

  • Point of contact: Max/Leonard
  • Without air conditioning and summer heat, we leave the door open
  • Planting marigolds can be used to deter mosquitoes and other insects

Review of Shutdown Procedures

  • Point of contact: Konrad
  • Air compressor and sound system have not been properly turned off lately
  • Also the CNC light has been left on, which takes a lot of power
  • We might take some bright

Pot Lock

  • June 14th or June 21st
  • More consensus toward June 21st as a good day
  • We got mixed up a bit, but we have budget for pot lock, everything is good.

New Budget

  • Next budget is 5 month (Aug 2014 thru Dec 2014
  • Going to year budget in 2015
    • Terry sent out packets of information to wardens about what they need
    • June 30th is the deadline for budget items

Bridgeport CNC

  • We want it out of here, sold

Maker Space in Sarasota Florida

  • Point of contact: Gary M.
  • City owned
  • Makers got upset with the city and disbanded
  • They're trying to reorganize
  • They might want an email thread or conference call with i3 to get ideas of how to organize
  • Check the Hackerspaces General Discussions on hackerspace.org

Zone updates

Fab Lab

  • 3D Printer is working thanks to Ken S and Derek
  • Filament order is going out in the next couple of days - contact Amelia Meyer
    • He cannot order ninjaflex or glow in the dark
    • You're welcome to bring your own, but make sure you don't break the machine
    • Andrew is not a fan of cheap filament because it is likely bad for the 3D Printer

Kiln Zone

  • Point of contact: Terry W
  • Glass Kiln and Ceramic Kiln UP 100% in May
  • High Temp Kiln is DOWN for parts.
  • Repair on Dome of Glass Kiln pushed until Aug.

Metal Shop

  • New nice metal drill bits
    • Make sure
  • New buffing wheel
    • We have a 5 HP buffer, with a 2 HP wheel on it
    • Be careful! Don't get any lose clothing caught in the buffer

Wood Shop

  • Greg wants to thank Leonard for doing amazing woodworking and cleaning up the woodshop while he was at it! applause!
  • Woodcraft on Van Dyke has good prices on nice plywood

Action Items

  • Andrew M. - Register kitchen door iris with Maker Faire
  • Greg S. - Start sign committee, check back in July
  • Vinyl Sign
  • Max - paint the switches bright so people can see them for shutdown

Broom Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed:
  • Funds appropriated:
  • Attendees:


  • Justin Triplett
  • Maddy Winans
  • God
  • Jospeh Banmann
  • Ania Eaton
  • MAtt Eaton
  • Matthew Gardeski
  • Dave Scholl
  • Gary Morin
  • Jamie Burdeski
  • Trish Nguyen
  • Mike Fink
  • Terry Wynn
  • Chris Prout
  • Matt Huber
  • Adrienne Patterson
  • Devon Trustcott is here
  • Nate "physically here, anyway" Bezanson
  • Andrew Myer
  • Marie-Therese Enga
  • James Odell
  • Charlie Rysengh
  • Maxwell Gonyea-Alexander
  • Loenard