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Chair: STILL Justin Triplett


  • Scott-new member, ME at Ford (BOO!)
  • Simon-new member, designer, cool hair
  • Sarah-new member, been around a long time, does sewing

Action Item Review


  • Meeting minutes Jamie will update the template to include injection molding and sky zone, and send out meeting minutes from now on! Hopefully pretty?
  • Robocrop Konrad will follow up with Ken about specific plan
    • Moving to Eastern Market Oct 4th
    • Ken's going to put an ultrasonic sensor on it (ooooo!)
  • Parking passes Nate B is going to put a stack up by the front
    • Up on the wiki now
    • They're printed off and at the front, you can go pick one up
    • Everyone should put one on their windshield so we don't annoy our neighbors
  • Deadbolt Nate W will talk to Brad/Jeff at B. Nektar to tell them about the deadbolt/key
  • E-Lab Poster Nate B/Matt Arnold will make a "this is an alligator, this is a banana" poster.
  • Grey Monster (Welder) Matt Arnold will help write a craigslist posting
  • Strategy Session Investigate and create a proposal to bring before the Board for cleaning services Terry W Sept Board mtg


  • Strategy Session Look into options for tool enabling system. Konrad B-tabled for now until CRM issues are dealt with
  • Strategy Session Quantify member involvement.Jamie-tabled for now until CRM issues are dealt with


  • T-shirts Jody/Maddy will look into this/email list
Action Item: Jody - Look into ordering new T-shirts
Action Item: Mike - Finish the tour and put up documentation
  • Training Documentation Greg will put these up on the Wiki for all Zones to use
Action Item: Matt Arnold & Greg - put up training documentation eventually
  • Grey Monster Jody will get rid of it
Action Item: Jody - Update status of Grey Monster
  • Strategy Session Develop a project information template Ted H 19 Aug 2014
Action Item: Terry - Develop a project information template
  • Strategy Session Add “Meet a Zone Coordinator” to the new-member process.Nate B 26 Aug 2014
Action Item: Nate B - Add "Meet a Zone Coordinator" to the new member process

Show and Tell

  • Nate Warnick has been making sand-blasted logos on mason jars and glass bottles, and they are pretty
  • Kevin made a pretty painting at the DIY Fair

New Business

Cleaning Services Discussion

  • Terry brought a proposal to the board
  • It's expensive, but maybe worth it
  • Might make people even messier because we're already spent money on it
  • Maybe we just need better communication about priority of cleaning (bathrooms are really important)
Action Item: Jim - Make thread on EZC a more fleshed-out proposal

Letterpress SIG

Point of Contact: Ashley Lesser

  • Announce formation of letterpress printing SIG
  • First event is 6:45pm this Friday, September 19: dinner, discussion, and a field trip to the Signal-Return open house.
  • RSVP to ashley.prescott@gmail.com so I know how much food to get
  • Sorry I can't be at the meeting, just want to get the word out to all interested!

Ferndale DIY

Point of Contact: Konrad B.

  • It was put together on short notice
  • We showed off Robocrop, the traffic light, Kevin painting, Kens electric tricycle, and more
  • We were scarce for volunteers but we still managed to gather interest from the crowds
    • Get it? Scarce...Crowd, because Robocrop is a scare crow?
      • I do get it! You are a master of wit!
  • Everybody else had to pay $$ to show there, and we got to be there for free

Everybody claps for Konrad because he's the best


  • Scott Richardson is leading this charge
  • Email him if you want to help or if you have a shiny project to show

Innovation Modeler's Club

Point of Contact: Konrad B.

  • Saturday October 4th, 9am at the Ford Benson Research Center (Near Henry Ford Museum)
  • Terry is presenting on glass jewelry making!
    • Terry is also teaching a class on this next thursday
  • Show support for Terry and i3Detroit

All Hands Active Open House

Point of Contact: Konrad B.

  • 501(c)3 Status celebration and open house on September 19th at 7pm
  • Come out and support them
  • Jamie is going for sure, contact her for carpooling

Octave/Matlab Class

Point of Contact:Konrad B

  • September 30th in commons area. I haven't figured out anything else yet.
  • Good visualization tool for data
  • Konrad's presentation is going to have SO MANY boxes!
    • Separate box just for Maths

Halloween Party

  • Begin planning (establish date & time, volunteers, etc.)
  • Saturday generally seems better than Friday
  • Chris, Nate, and Max said words, and thus are volunteered to be in charge

Zone updates

Bike Zone

  • We have a legit repair stand now that is much easier to use (50% less contortions!)
  • More organized and clean now also

CNC Zone

No Zone Coordinator here. (SHAME!)

Compute Zone

  • Working on whiteboard room

Craft Room

  • We now have rubber molds and casting material
  • Currently free to use until donation system is in place, so come in and use it now!

E Lab

  • Now more signs (woo vinyl!)
    • Konrad was helped by this sign
  • Nate is geeking out over $5 wi-fi modules, they will show up soon to an e-lab near you!

Fab Lab

  • Full Spectrum laser is now up and running- There was debris in the cooling water
  • Rostock Max is also working again
  • Both FSLaser and Rostock are training required now, see the wiki for trainee and trainer list

Injection Molding

  • Zone Coordinator has been sick and out of town, so no update
  • After forklift situation is settled, he'll see what the status of the injection molders are

Kiln Zone

Coordinator: Terry W.

  • Porcelain Kiln is Repaired.
  • All kilns UP. (Applause)
  • New materials purchased for Zone.
  • Class on Fusing/Jewelry on 9/25 see Eventbrite or Calendar

Laser Zone

Coordinators are discussing lowering the lasering prices, but still tentative

Metal Shop

No Zone Coordinator here. (SHAME!)

Sky Zone

SkyZone will be soliciting proposals for common area lighting in short order

Tool Crib

  • Charlie has a really nice rack
  • He has lots of money to spend on new equipment

Tree House

  • Fall/Halloween decorations are impending!
  • Collaboration with Compute Zone on whiteboard zone

Vinyl Zone

No Zone Coordinator here. (SHAME!)

Welding Zone

No Zone Coordinator here. (SHAME!)

Wood Shop

Thanks to Jon Anderson (niftykid) for facilitating a large donation of white oak boards from an anonymous donor!

i3 MotorSports

  • Group trip planned for Kart2Kart for "Fact-finding"
Action Item: Jamie - Add MotorSports to the meeting minutes template, also the Action Item Query

Action Items

Action ItemPOC
Add "Meet a Zone Coordinator" to the new member processNate B
Add MotorSports to the meeting minutes template, also the Action Item QueryJamie
put up training documentation eventuallyMatt Arnold & Greg
Develop a project information templateTerry
Finish the tour and put up documentationMike
Make thread on EZC a more fleshed-out proposalJim
Look into ordering new T-shirtsJody
Update status of Grey MonsterJody

Broom Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:24
  • Funds appropriated: $0
  • Attendees: 24


  1. Justin Triplett
  2. Konrad Brown
  3. Brandon Biller
  4. Nathan Warnick
  5. Mike Miller
  6. Nate Bezanson
  7. James Odell
  8. Maxwell Gonyea-Alexander
  9. Gary Morin
  10. Terry Wynn
  11. Evan Allen
  12. Scott Sheraga
  13. Steve Nowicki
  14. Devon Truscott
  15. Justin Triplett
  16. Chris Platzer
  17. Sarah Nowaczyk
  18. Amelia Meyer
  19. Matthew Gardeski
  20. Kevin Flory
  21. Charlie Rysenga
  22. Jamie Burdeski
  23. Greg Smith (via hangouts)
  24. Xan Hat (walked in late, doesn't even care! Everyone should yell at him)