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Chair Justin Triplett


  • New member- his name is Lou, he's very new, he's wearing blue!
  • Keegan-new member, from cranbrook art academy
  • Dave and Greg are wood shop warden
  • Randy Goddard - visitor/potential member, taught classes here before,

Old Business



  • Put up training documentation eventually Matt Arnold & Greg
    • Andrew apologizes to Konrad and they bro-hug (awwww!)
    • Wiki wine workshop this thursday to help wardens clean up their training lists
    • Terry's going to set up a warden pow-wow


Action Item: Mike - Finish the tour and put up documentation
Action Item: Maddy - Order new T-Shirts
Action Item: Jim - Make thread on EZC a more fleshed-out proposal
Action Item: Jody - Update status of Grey Monster auction

Show and Tell

  • Bragosaurus Rex! - made by Mike Fink
    • "Paleontologists are Bad to the Bone."-Max
      • Max is punished for that remark.

New Business

CRM Tiger Team Report

  • Andrew is updating the CRM this coming monday
  • The Sodatastic Six is debating the future of the CRM, and if we want to keep Seltzer or move to something else

Plasma Cutter Report

  • Konrad: owner wants to sell the plasma cutter either to us or to someone else
  • He put a lot of work to assemble it, but is no longer a member
  • Owner is looking for around $3000
Action Item: Konrad, Jim, and Levi - Bring proposal to board to buy machine

Bathroom Report

  • Men's bathroom urinal is still out of order
Action Item: Nathan W - Fix the urinal before the Halloween party

AHA open house

  • They are a 501c3, we went to celebrate with them at their open house a couple weeks ago


  • Tentatively scheduled for Saturday, December 6th

Officer Elections

  • Starting right after the meeting
  • Electronic Voting open now through next Tuesday

Zone updates

Bike Zone

  • Bike racks on the ceiling are temporary, shouldn't be used as permanent bike storage

CNC Zone

Zone has been pretty busy!

  • new software (HSM, a plugin for masterCam)
  • member Adam is making an electronic keyboard and entering it into a contest
  • Someone else made a progressive die for 3D printer nozzles
  • CNC discussion nights are moved to the first tuesday of the month, right after the membership meeting

Compute Zone

  • Still working on getting desks for the 1337 lounge

Craft Room

  • Mask making class last weekend and this coming weekend
  • Max played with the 3Doodler and made a pretty cobweb

E Lab

  • new parts are being replenished, thanks for telling the ZW when you need more parts!
  • Incident with soldering irons burning through plastic

Fab Lab

  • Training classes on the machines are by request, contact ZW to get training
  • ZW is planning to have a class on every machine sometime in october

Injection Molding

  • Windsor hackforge folks are interested in working with it or buying it-contact Nate B

Kiln Zone

  • All 3 kilns 100% UP.
  • Class in Sept., well attended
  • Did Road Class at The Henry Ford.
  • Area clean and organized. New materials are IN. More tools are IN.
  • Molds and clay are available to make whatever shape glass you want! *applause*

Laser Zone

  • Laser door's gas lift springs are still broken- use the high-tech stick to prop the door oopen
    • In process of ordering new parts
  • Contact ZW to get training OR to become a trainer

Metal Shop

  • None of the three wardens are here
  • Brandon is a very helpful semi-expert in the metal shop! *applause*

Sky Zone

  • Call for lighting. The SkyZone is now accepting proposals for lighting the common area. Please provide a brief description of your design, budget, and installation requirements to baumannjw@gmail.com by November 15th. All plans will be considered, final board/general member vote for funding approval will determine implementation.
  • Installing more power cord reels on the ceiling, how many more, what spacing, how many available circuits? Please insert attendees opinions here.

Tool Crib

  • Charlie spent money!
  • You can get a brand new drill bit if you chip in a dollar
  • Video Training?!

Tree House

  • Max is constantly theoretically painting things
  • Max will ask for a Beautification Budget at the next board meeting!

Vinyl Zone

  • Zone warden not here

Welding Zone

  • Handheld plasma cutter is inbound
    • it needs strong compressed air to run
  • Nothing broken or empty, yay!
  • Grey Monster and Hobart are going to auction

Wood Shop

  • Watch for parking tickets


i3 MotorSports

  • "Fact-finding" mission at Kart 2 Kart this Sunday!


  • Totally going to put up an antenna on the roof this winter. Totally.


  • First SIG meeting last month
  • Considering buying a letterpress, but dust may be a concern

Action Items

Action ItemPOC
Make thread on EZC a more fleshed-out proposalJim
Fix the urinal before the Halloween partyNathan W
Finish the tour and put up documentationMike
Bring proposal to board to buy machineKonrad, Jim, and Levi
Update status of Grey Monster auctionJody
Order new T-ShirtsMaddy

Broom Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:45
  • Funds appropriated: $0
  • Attendees: 28


  1. Justin Triplett
  2. Amelia Meyer
  3. Brian McPherson
  4. Matt Switlik
  5. Randy Goddard
  6. David Jewell
  7. Nate "Bezizle" Bezanson
  8. Chris Platzer
  9. Matt Arnold
  10. Kevin Flory
  11. Joe Zakar
  12. Steve Nowicki
  13. Greg Smith
  14. Terry Wynn
  15. Brad Tarratt
  16. Dave Scholl
  17. Jim Kemp
  18. Steve Marlow
  19. James O'Dell
  20. Lewis Dennison
  21. Evan Allen
  22. Joseph Bauman
  23. Maxwell Gonyea-Alexeander
  24. Charlie Rysenga
  25. Mike Fink
  26. K-Daw Kon-Man
  27. Nate Warnick
  28. Jamie Burdeski
  29. Jody Raiford (on Hangout)